Teamviewer unresponsive on remote computer


I am able to establish a connection to the desktop but then the Clicks from the mouse and keyboard are no longer registering.  Only Alt-Tab works now. No longer have control of except the movement of the mouse What can I do to rectify the issue?


  • JoshP
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    Hello @Dajoeman 

    Thanks for your post.

    Is the remote device a Mac, by chance? Apple requires additional steps to remotely control their devices running macOS 10.14 or higher.

    Hope this helps!

    Josh P.

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  • Dajoeman
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    It's a windows computer. It was working perfectly, but all of a sudden stopped responding to my clicks and the keyboard also. Alt-tab still works but I can no longer control it.

  • Jon_Hill
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    I am getting the same on our Windows devices when connecting with Quick Support, wondered if it was a security feature as regularly happens when installing/updating an app but can usually open Task Manager or Command Prompt via the Actions tab to regain control.