Connection reporting TeamViewer Pilot

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just started using Pilot. I see on my management console that I can have a connection report and based on this I can quantify and bill the support time.

As far as I understand the report is included in the Premium and Corporate licence of TV, not included in the Pilot license only. We would need to activate a Premium TV license as well to have that feature, am I correct?

Second question in the report the  remote "customer" is only identifed by device ID?

Is there a way I can give to it a name? This is due to the fact we have more than 1000 customer and the use of this support is not based on a device that is not always the same.

Example: In case of a TV session we may use it on a server that once deployed it is named and added to the device groups, it might be assigned with an unique ID for our internal use. In case of TV Pilot the customer would use it's own device that might change (different people = different phone = different Pilot App ID) so each time the ID is different.

the only way I see is to give the customer a device of our property that has a TeamViewer Pilot App ID that we know and we can track it back to the customer and bill the time. Is there any other way?

BTW I am pretty new on professional use of TV, thanks!