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Saving Settings for Remote Monitors

I do remote sessions with someone with multiple monitors and have to reopen 4 screens upon startup. I utilize the "Monitors as individual windows" feature. 

Is there a way to save settings for a specific remote session, to automatically open the same monitors upon startup?



  • JeanK
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    Hello @Kris9,

    Thank you for your message and welcome in the TeamViewer Community! ?

    Unfortunately, there is no option that saved settings for remote monitors.

    However, as is it a great idea, feel free to share your idea in our dedicated board:



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  • ds01562
    ds01562 Posts: 1

    I just purchased the business subscription.  I have been using **Third Party Product**, wanted to try this product.  Every time I connect to my office computer, which has 2 monitors, I have to resize the screens, tell it that it has 2 monitors, and select the option to blank the screen.  This is a pain in the **bleep**.  There MUST surely be a way to avoid having to go through this every time I connect (I connect many times daily).  If not I'll look into getting a refund. 

  • ademord
    ademord Posts: 1

    bump. this should be default that when you connect from machine A to machine B the settings (show all active monitors, maximum quality settings) are kept. And when you connect from ipad C to machine B then normal or default settings are active (obviously).

    This should be straight forward and a critical feature in the roadmap.