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I am currently using my Windows 10 laptop to work from home in Luxembourg. My employer made me install Citrix in order to access work applications and instructed me to minimize the use of these applications outside Luxembourg in order to protect any sensitive data and prevent the theft of information. If I left my laptop on here in Luxembourg with Teamviewer enabled and decided to go abroad and remotely connect from another computer to my laptop in Luxembourg via Teamviewer, would my employer notice that I am using Teamviewer from another country in order to remotely control my laptop in Luxembourg or would the source of my keyboard/mouse commands still be considered my laptop in Luxembourg? Thanks in advance for your answers.

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  • Gunner_anil
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    Hello Jean, 

    Just wondering if you had any issues connecting remotely to your work laptop using TeamViewer. Did your employer get notified that you connected to your laptop using TeamViewer? Your help is appreciated.



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    I am also an old user of a windows 10 and my friend wants to visit best basketball for outdoor playing panel which is opened in my computer and it has a some important data which I don,t want to show him but I face a little bit issues....that he is not opened the team viewer when I get him id as well pass.....he said he couldn,t connected my pc with his connection....