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TeamViewer Change Logs - What´s New!

15.7 - Pilot June Release 2020

Esther Posts: 3,912 Community Manager 🌍

We released a new version of TeamViewer Pilot:

Version: 15.7

Release date: 2020, June 23rd

Change Log:

  • [Android]: New AR capabilities for millions of devices out there by making use of the new Google Depth API
    • Annotations can be placed much more precisely.
    • Arrows can now be moved and repositioned along the physical objects with direct visual feedback.
    • Annotations behind physical objects are now occluded, providing a more realistic understanding of the scene.


You can find Pilot on the following app stores:

Download: Apple App Store

Download: Google Play

Download: Xiaomi Store

Download: Samsung App Store

Download: Epson Moverio

Download: Vuzix App Store

Download: Realwear Cloud

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