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TeamViewer does not stay open

For some reason on one of my PC's I have to leave the TeamViewer application open in order to access it remotely. If I close the application it will no longer show up as accessible on my other PCs. That doesn't happen with the other computers. If I close the TeamViewer window on any other PC I can still access it. I am sure there is some setting I am missing. The problem I will have if I leave this as is will be that as soon as a Windows update happens I will lose the connection until I can re-open TeamViewer in person. The PC in question is a Dell laptop running Windows 10

Thanks for your replies in advance!

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  • Astrodoc
    Astrodoc Posts: 5

    Yes thanks! I figured that out after checking the settings on my other PC's. What threw me off is when I checked that box it asked me to set up a new password and for me to remember my ID. I did not recall going through that on the other PC's. No matter. It works normally now and when I close the application window I do get the message from windows telling me TeamViewer is still running.

    Thanks again!