Support ticket

Please tell me how to log a support ticket.
I have followed your "how submit a ticket" guide but there is no option to create a ticket.

I can see why this guide is only 15% helpful

Yes I have a corprate license.



  • JeanK
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    Hello @Rewind1o1,

    Thank you for your message and welcome to the TeamViewer Community! ?

    As mentioned in our article, you can open a ticket with this link:

    open ticket.png

    Alternatively, you can also open a ticket via the Management Console by following these instructions: Open a ticket via the Management Console 

    Best regards


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  • Avanindra
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    I have also tried to find a way to change the payment method on my subscription, failed miserably, tried to follow the instructions to submit a help ticket, and likewise have failed miserably - can't find a place to "submit ticket" either on the Management Console or anywhere else.

    So far - about an hour of time wasted.

  • Avanindra
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    Follow-on comment - I found a place where it says "submit ticket", flashes by, managed to capture it, but won't let me submit and gives me verbose instructions on how to verify that I have an active, paid license. Yes, I do, and I followed the instructions and verified in my management console, top right, edit profile, that I have an active paid business license with three installations and have not exceeded my quota.

    But I still can't get it to let me submit a ticket on changing my credit card.

    Did I mention that I've been on hold all this time?

    Your application works well, is overpriced for this day and age and your customer service is beyond sucky. It's too late for me to cancel my subscription now for this period, but I've put in a calendar reminder to a) find an alternative solution and b) do so by July 2022 (which I'm sure will be another ordeal).

    Just call me "unhappy camper".

  • Ying_Q
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    Hi @Avanindra,

    Thank you for contacting us on TeamViewer Community and we are sorry to hear that.

    You may find additional information about changing payment information below:

    Hope it works.

    Best regards,

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  • Submitting a Support ticket is not available, yes our subscription is paid automatic renewal on 12/10/2021 Subscription Status Active.

    On Teamviewer App it says license has expired

  • Justin
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    Hello @Support1231,

    Do you need help regarding your subscription?

    Let me know.



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