Control Capabilities to all Android devices: Universal Add-On

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Hi all,

Today, we announced that TeamViewer is now offering remote access with active control and keyboard input for the 

  • Google Pixel series, 
  • Xiaomi smartphones, 
  • Oppo devices 
  • and many more. 

The new “Universal Add-On” enables remote access with keyboard input on all Android smartphones running Android 7 or higher.

This applies to private users as well as business customers. 

Starting today, all smartphones running on Android 7 or higher can be supported by TeamViewer, regardless of whether the user needs assistance with installing an app or the correction of serious errors.

“It is extremely important for our business customers to be able to freely choose the devices and not have to do without the support provided by TeamViewer,” says Mike Eissele, CTO at TeamViewer.

“But also, in the private environment, there are various smartphones in use, and it is important for us to offer support for all devices and not only for the top brands. Everyone should be able to support their friends, parents, or grandparents, regardless of their Android smartphone,” he adds.

Until now, keyboard support was not available for all smartphones. However, now the full scope of the TeamViewer software is available when connecting to a smartphone.

Active access remains optional for the newly added devices, as the familiar QuickSupport app continues to allow screen sharing without active input. Full access is only granted after the installation of the “Universal Add-On”.

Read more about the Universal add-on in our Knowledge Base article: Universal add-on for Android

I hope you are enjoying the new app and the exceptional support opportunities it is offering you.

All the best,


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  • flospi
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    Not sure if I understand it completely. Will the Universal Add-On work only with Quicksupport or the Host as well? We'd like to roll TV out on various Android devices and like to integrate it with our account (assignment, policies, etc.)

  • Esther
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    HI @flospi 

    Thanks for your question.

    The Universal add-on is only available for devices running the TeamViewer QuickSupport App and Android 7 (or newer). The Universal Add-on is not available for the TeamViewer Host, but I will send your question as a feature request to our mobile team.

    Thanks and best,


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  • flospi
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    Hey @Esther 

    That would be a great thing. As it seems, the technology is there and being used in the QuickSupport, so why not transfer the functionality to the Host.

    Especially for your your corporate customers that would be awesome, as there might be a lot of non big-brand devices are used. We will be using Apollo MT-51 by Partner-Tech soonish in all our retail shops and it would be great, if we could roll them out with a fully functional TeamViewer Host from the beginning. This would make it so much easier for the support team, if they could use Easy Access from the beginning and  if all the devices are listed in our console.

  • It works great with Quicksupport but does'nt work with Host?

  • Hi Esther,

    My mother has Huawei P40 Lite. I downloaded the latest version of Quick Support to her phone. (15.8.115) But I'm not able to download the universal add-on. It's just not downloading. How to solve this problem? Can I download the add-on via browser? 


  • Hi Esther @Esther 

    How come I still received prompt asking to request access to start recording or casting on the remote host? 

    Im using oppo find x2 pro on android 11.

    I have a few setup remotely for samsung s9 phones and currently setup using another oppo.

    Samsung had no issues and gave me direct remote access to the phone when I remotely connected to it. However, oppo find x2 pro prompted request for access at the host phone. Which I need someone to grant the access before I can remotely have full access. 

    The setup for these phones are in a remote area and have no physical access to it hence remote access via teamviewer is the best solution for now. Pls advise as this is delaying the progress, thank you.

    P/s - Even remote access via quicksupport or host directly, it will.prompt on the other phone screen to grant access. And this prompt will keep asking everytime I trying to remote it.