Previously had license which I cancelled because I am no longer in business. Cannot reinstall..

I recently retired and closed my business and cancelled renewal of paid TV version. Prior to that I had used free version.   I tried to load new triial version to allow me to revert to private non commercial use.  I tried to uninstall TV,  I tried using different email address, I tried dropping business name etc. but no luck.  I cannot afford $500 annual cost with no income from business.  I would like to be able to continue to use Teamviewer so I can connect with family, friends and so I can connect my desktop with my desktop when away from home.  Several of my old clients still try to keep in touch with me, but there is no commercial use and no payments.   In all I communicate with my wife, daughter, son, 2 friends and 2 prior clients.  I downloaded a new new file, but still get error stating that I must purchase a business copy.  

Is there any way that I can continue to download and use TV or do I have to look for another product that is not as expensive?

Thank you for you kind consideration in this matter:

Donald Franklin                   **Information removed as per Community Guidelines**


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    Hi @DonFranklin,

    Thank you for your message.

    Your ID will remain as Company/Commercial Use once you chose this setting when you installed TeamViewer on your device for the first time.

    In this case, you may try to request the reset to Personal Use as per the instructions in this article.

    I hope this information would help.

    Kind regards,