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Re: Servicecamp Integration Into QuickSupport

My TV was working reasonably well until about two months ago when I changed from windows 7 to wonsdows 10

I used to connect to  the one choice given when I opened the page  which was to my desktop  computer -I put in my password and I was connected. Now when I oepn up the team viewer page I am given the choice to  connect to "my office "or "MR computer" - MR is a work colleague with access to the same server. and MR is also the IT guy in the office. When I was having difficulty getting access after the installation of Windows 10 MR gave me access to his desk top  so I could access the server - I did this using his password .  I was then able for a while to open up the my office page and access my desk top but using MR's password instead of my own original passord. Now even that has stopped working properly and I can only sometimes get access. Can you help get me back to a simple log in with password to access my ofice computer when I am using my lap top remotely / My user name is**Information removed as per Community Guidelines**

Tim Macfarlane   


  • Fiona_G
    Fiona_G Posts: 689 Staff member 🤠

    Hi @timmacfarlane,

    Thank you for your message and welcome to our community.

    If your office computer is still listed in "Your licensed computers", you can connect to it either by double-clicking on the computer or by clicking once on the computer and then on Connect.

    To add/deactivate end-point devices, please kindly checked out - Add your remote computer(s) to your TeamViewer account.

    I hope this information would be helpful.

    Kind regards,