Commercial use - Connection time out



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    my friend id **Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**

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    This is NOT a question of "commercial use detected"!!

    Please read what people are writing before enter stupid posts!

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    Did you read the OP on page one of this entire discussion? Here's a quote from that post from the person who created this forum topic:

    "Please be aware that this is NOT an issue that can be resolved in the community. Posting messages about commercial usage will not help to get the reset. For getting a reset you need to fill out the form."

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    Really? Did you read the title of this thread? I don't care what people are writing. I've read dozens of their posts already, and most of them say the same thing and make the same complaints. I have an even bigger complaint that I explained in my post, which is that the TV support team is not doing its job to reset accounts that are being incorrectly flagged as "commercial use" as mine was last August.

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    They have merged two threads to this one. The other one was titled commercial use and the other one was this connection timeout.

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    what should I do if the system believes that I am using the program for commercial purposes? I've been using it for a long time mostly connecting to my home PC

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    latest timeout problem isn't related to commercial usage FFS! and they migrated those to this thread lmao, I'm done, gonna use another program for my home network

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    I don't even have a message that says "Commercial use detected", I just get the **bleep** timeout after about a minute, then telling me I cant reconnect, with absolutely no recourse, solution or even a hint of a hint of a reason why...

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    They keep removing any mentions, but I read Efe's post quick enough to have seen what he posted.

    [removed per Community Guidelines]

    A curious development, I just used TeamViewer and was able to have it hold out for longer than less than a minute, after a couple of minutes i had to terminate the connection manually, because it was turning all other audio down, now I have to find how to turn that off...

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    Why do i keep getting message about connection timeout and get disconnected when trying to access my remote computer?

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    After a 25 February update of my TeamViewer/Free Licence, I can still access the remote computer but I am logged out after about 30 seconds, and will get a message that "Your TeamViewer session has timed out and will be closed". Then it will not allow me to reconnect for a couple of minutes. This seems to be some bug. Any advise on how to resolve the problem?

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    I have exact same problem and if I try to connect again i will get new msg I timed out and will be blocked for 1 minute.

    If restart app, you will get 30 more seconds...then timeout again.

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    Same here, exactly 57 seconds. According to an older post in a blog from Aug. 2018, the reason behind this is that users are flagged as commercial. Don't know why - in my case, I am for sure not a commercial user., I only access from my own laptop my home PC when I am on the road. If TV can't change this, I am probably out - after several years being a happy user of TV.

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    "According to an older post in a blog from Aug. 2018, the reason behind this is that users are flagged as commercial"

    This is not the issue here and users dont get that message. We get a message about TIMEOUT, not about anything detected or any commercial suspicions. The forum staff merged 2 different threads for some reason which made this very confusing. This issue is NOT related to commercial use, its a bug introduced in the 25 feb update which makes the free users timeout.

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    After a 25 February update of TeamViewer, Free Licence users will be logged out after about 30 seconds when connecting to any other computer. The user will get a message that says "Your TeamViewer session has timed out and will be closed". You will then be blocked from reconnecting for a couple of minutes.

    If you try again after a while or restart client, you will once again get the same timeout and block.

    This is obviously a bug and has been reported in several threads, but the forum moderators seems to ignore the problem and instead merge these threads with "commercial use thread".

    The reason behind this "timeout" is NOT that users are flagged as commercial. This issue is NOT related to commercial use. Thats not the issue here and users dont get that message. We get a message about TIMEOUT, not about anything detected or any commercial suspicions.

    Forum moderators, stop merging threads. You are just confusing people.

    Some response from the dev team would be nice and a ETA of a fix?

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    This thread will be merged as well lol

  • I am encountering this issue as well.

    It is proving impossible to provide support to my mother as a result.

    TeamViewer - Please work on addressing the bug.

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    Same here...

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    Hello. There is some mistake about one of my PC. I'm not using it for commercial, but I got limits. Can you help me pls?

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    Yeah, seriously. These moderators are completely stupid. There is no logic, no thought.

    0 Hopes of this company to solve this issue anytime soon with this method.

    You can merge me to now. GL

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    im a free user and i use TV to help friends and family sometime with their issues , recently i just get disconected after 1 minute with TV prompting me that its commercial use and that i reached my limit

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    i have the same issue, what is the solve

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    Hello !

    the connection lasts 1 minute then ejection with message:

    Connection blocked after expiration of response time.

    Your license limits the maximum duration.

    Reinstalling the program does not fix anything

    thank you for your collaboration

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    I have the same problem!

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    Have same issue i cant connect to my home server anymore and when i manage i get booted almost instantly

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    I can just connect the other computer for 30 seconds. What's the problem?

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    I am trying to send TeamViewer the request of non commercial use, but it keeps on asking me to enter my ID. When I do it and click Generate PDF, nothing happens and my ID is AGAIN requested ... totally unable to generate the PDF

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    same for me today. again

    had same problem 2 days ago and yesterday i could use it but not today.

    i use it to logon to my gameserver that i have in my baisment and no keboard or monitor or mouse

  • Lunneborg
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    this is the 3rd day i have this same problem.

    worked some times yesterday but now its the same problem.