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    I'm trying to help my wife with email settings/transition happening this week.

    I have family needing help in several cities as I work out of my home town.

    I keep getting 1 minute timeouts and warnings that I can't reconnect. I checked and upgraded the version. Same issue. WHY? It's not the commercial use warnings I once got and had corrected. I've only tried to connect 4 times in total today and the initial session and post-upgrade sessions were limited to 1 minute.

    It says "Connection blocked after timeout...licence limits max session duration.... try later or upgrade - and blocks me for 5 min.

    Are you deliberately frustrating Free version use even in complete agreement with its terms?

    [Removed per Community Guidelines]

    RSVP please I don't have time for these shenanigans I'm busy enough at work and needing to help stuck family during the workday.

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    Hello @ibullen

    Thanks for your post.

    The use of TeamViewer in a workplace environment, regardless of usage, does require a license.

    Connections to or from work computers, in a home office or corporate setting, will flag a device for commercial use.

    Regarding the timeout alerts, these are related to suspected commercial use.

    As mentioned in the FAQ here we are already working on clarification regarding these new messages.

    Josh P.

    Senior Community Moderator


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    How do I get to the Declaration of Personal Use Form?

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    I'm being timed out at very short intervals because Teamviewer suspect that I'm using their product for commercial use, which I am not. I aupport my mother who's 86 on her laptop.

    I've tried invoking the process at  www_teamviewerdotcom_en_reset-management in order to get my free Teamviewer ID freed up, but it isn't working, no matter what I try to do. It will not generate the necessary PDF report and move to the next stage of reporting. I only want to use Teamviewer long enough to let me put another solution in place, so that I can remove Teamviewer altogether. Is there any way of sorting this mess out? Is anyone at Teamviewer aware of this?

    Edit: I've managed to sort this out. It was because I was putting a UK postcode in with a space in the middle of it because that is standard practice. Doing so produces a generic warning message that I didn't spot on several occasions. I could tell the screen was being resized but I couldn't figure out why. It might help if these warning messages were written to screen in a contrasting colour, say red. That is common practice on many other sites. It sure would have saved me a lot of grief. I didn't spot the pop-up message on a 32" monitor!

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    They must be aware of it, there are maybe a hundred posts on here citing the problem. I think they must have a major glitch in their system that they are, so far, unable to fix. Or maybe they no longer wish to provide a free service to personal users and so are putting up barriers

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    I gave up on teamviewer after several requests for resets. I tried **Third Party Product** [Removed per Community Guidelines] to help my elderly father. It works for me! Time to uninstall teamviewer.

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    Fully expect your post to be redacted by the ever present but silent (shy) Teamviewer Moderators for mentioning an alternative way of remotely accessing a machine. I did a post mentioning that users can use software they already have (namely Windows or IOS) to remotely access their computers. This was not even recommending an alternative product, yet my post was redacted.

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    See the first message in this thread...also read the blog post that is mentioned in the first message.

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    *Duplicate message*

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    I agree with what you said about Teamviewer being the gold standard. We can't gripe too loud for being able to use their program for free. Even though we have to jump some hoops to be able to do so. That being said, many of us have learned that maybe we need a backup option when TV is unavailable to us. Three years ago I used TV at work with the commercial license. There is really no difference between the free Personal/Private version and the paid version other than Teamviewer support staff to troubleshoot issues rather than us free users needing to use the Community forums to help each other. So we are literally getting a lot for nothing.

  • ibullen
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    My laptop is NOT in "commercial use" in ANY reasonable stretch of any of the above when I am connecting to my wife in another city to help with email settings problems. That and helping nonagenarian parents similarly, are all I use TeamViewer for.

    Are you claiming requirement for a commercial licence because I happen to be in my own office when using my laoptop for TV's singular use of family support? There's never been a business benefit. IP-based restriction is insane.

    Please don't tell me I have to take my laptop across the street to the coffee shop to log on to assist my wife with her email settings. Or that I use the laptop for personal and business activity (who has a 'personal-only' device of any kind? Who? Really? Even a cellphone that's never received a work email? Where are these people?) calling for a commercial licence.

    If you think that is commercial use you're crazy. Feel free to "Like" my comments, world...

    Thanks for the past utility but if you don't agree with me here (and ensure my connections are not 60 seconds) ... later in the week when I'm back home [removed per community guidelines] for the systems I need to connect to, and 99+% of use cases will be met by that for free, and I'll uninstall TeamViewer for all and help family and friends too that way instead.

    Not impressed. Please do a final review of all this Josh and comment or TeamViewer and my connections are done and I've no need for this account. Sadly, I may never know how many liked my protestations here over the years...

  • FuzzmanKs
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    I stand by my comment. We get use of a commercial program for free...when it works for us. Three years ago I got the suspected commercial use of account warning and was cut off. I filled out the required PDF to pledge that it was for private use only. My account was reset. Then last month or so I got locked out for suspected Teamviewer ID used commercially (these are different types of events). I found in this thread the RESET MANAGEMENT link to the PDF form and in less than 48 business hours the ID's of all the devices I remote into were reset. So it did happen to me.

    As far as your opinion of the moderators you maybe misguided. As in many help forums, moderators might be community volunteers to keep the forum running smoothly and may not be a TV employee. Or they might be an employee that is not a support technician and not allowed to give out advice. Apparently their business model is for non-paid TV users/subscribers to be supported as much as possible by us community members. Just looked at the dozens of comments each day that describe their problem with TV and why they desperately need to get it working. When, if they had scanned back just a few days before posting, most of them would find out about the RESET MANAGEMENT link. Yes, several still have issues after getting their account ID's reset. But there have been some helpful comments on ways to try and get going again.

  • Abbassi007
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    I am using TeamViewer for my personal use for remote access but there is some problem occurring when I want to connect.

    the problem look like that "not to allow for commercial use" but i just used it for my personal use so how i can resolve that problem?


  • Surface3
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    i am connecting my PC remotely for personal use for sure, just using the network under a company WIFI, please help to grant Personal Use rights , avoid disconnect due to "commercial use" rule.

    many thanks

  • smryu7
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    I am connecting my PC remotely for personal use only, please help to use personal use free license and avoid disconnect due to "commercial use" rule.

  • Reazin
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    I usually use TW to remotely check on my home 💻 and move some files to my device on the go, but today on my mobile it kicked me out because it thinks I'm using it for commercial work.

    Why is it and how can I unlock it?

  • jesperHammer
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    Dear Community

    I use Teamviewer 15 free version to connect to family using Teamviewer Quicksupport. Sometimes I connect to my own computers using Teamviewer 15 installed on host and client.

    Sometimes, but not every time, the session closes with time out after about 2 minutes even though I connect to different users. I am not being warned that this is a commercial use.

    How can I avoid time out on my connections.

    Sincerely, Jesper

  • flyav
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    I use TeamViewer at home with my 4 PCs and my mobile phone. Recently my connections keep getting timed out and I am being prompted to get a commercial license. Since I am only using it for personal use is there anything I can do to prevent this?


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    Hello. My friend has been able to start a teamviewer session so he has been able to help me a newcomer in computing. We are both normal users but since a few months Teamviewer have started to stop my friend.

    We both use computers on our spare time. None of us have a company but I'm afraid that Teamviewer has started to judge my friend as such.

    What can we do to solve this situation?

    Hope to hear from you soon

    My best regards


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    I can't connect to the other computer it kicks me out and says I need a license, this is a free version and I am only trying to connect to my sons computer, why would I need a license

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    Me too. I don't understand why I'm considered as a commercial.

    Why did it happen after so many years of use?

    In addition, I have found that it applied to my entire account.

    My PC, my parents PC and sisters PC which I manage remotely stop working ,

    after I added an Android mobile once and it got "infected" as a commercial from that moment.

    some time ago there was a discourse that the teamviewer will be charged for everyone,

    so maybe....

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    Hello All, I am new on here but frustrated like yu all.. with timeout issues. I am unable to use the reset account option. Get stuck at generate pdf option, with the TeamViewer ID field highlighted. I am entering the correct ID though. Any assistance would be appreciated. merci

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