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    Is there a moderator/monitor for this blog that can answer the question as to: Why does the Teamviewer SERVER NOT ALLOW a FoRM submission to the NON_COMMERCIAL authorities without giving an UNKNOWN ERROR and then logging out the session without success, then when try again later the FORM is stilll awaiting SUBMiSsioN but will not SubMIT without LOOP of same problem ongoing over & over. How does one start the FORM process OVER AGAIN from the beginning ???

    Thank You - HerbJR

  • gordon861
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    The 'two working days' to clear mis-classification of accounts seems to be being stretched right now, I assume it's Covid related but submitted my form last weekend and still cannot use TeamViewer for support of locked down family.

  • My connection disconnects after 5 minutes and when I try to reconnect then the message pops up stating that I need to wait 10 minutes before reconnecting. I'm using the TV for personal use only.

  • mond259
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    This has to change. its totally unusable!

    i'm guessing this is not a priority as the free community dont finance anything and hence our issues dont count. They probably only care about paying customer feedback.

    I have noticed on this forum its brought up a lot and no significant answers are really given. The only time i see an answer is when they can chime in and say "oh well you use it on a work computer....". In my situation i have looked at the terms and conditions and do not brake any of them at all! However, being a free user and not contributing to the bank account i guess my problem (as many) will go unheard.

    Until someone who pays brings it up!

    CARPCSA Posts: 0 Newbie

    I use the free program I always used, but now when I access it it informs me that I need a commercial license and blocks access.

  • davjenz
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    Come on Teamviewer, I have been a long time user and only use it to access to my own PC's and to help family. I have submitted the form stating non commercial use and yet no communication has been received after a couple of weeks. I can't even use TeamViewer as it kicks out after a minute and then keeps extending the kicked out time, each time you try to access.

    Now I have to get of my arse and walk across the room to my other PC's.

    You about to loose a great deal of support due to non existent support and now a **bleep** product that can not be used at all!!

    Get it together as we are all jumping a sinking ship!

  • NJ_Dave
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    I use TeamViewer's free non-commercial license to support a sibling who is remote from me. TeamViewer has flagged me twice now for suspected commercial use; the first time, they reinstated my license, and I'm waiting for a decision on the second suspected infraction. I think I got re-flagged because I rather frequently reinstall Windows on my PC, typically more than once per year. Every time I (re-)install TeamViewer on a new instance of Windows, TeamViewer issues a new ID, which I suspect doesn't inherit the license history stating that I'm a rule-abiding user. I've been leery of connecting my TeamViewer instances to a TeamViewer account so far, but I'll do it if it will help me keep the free-use status (for which I'm very grateful). If not, how might I retain the free-use status on a new Windows installation? Possibly by copying the old TeamViewer config files to a new installation? Thanks...

  • 2054
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    I use TV in free mode and quiet seldom. Lately I get a session timeout after 1 minute and have to wait a while to be able to reconnect.

    Is there something to fix this or do I have to find another program?

    I've already reinstalled TV on both machines.

    No idea what the problem could be.

    Thanks for any help

  • cjmastermind
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    I have the same problem with my account. I think the reason is that the system thinks that your account should be commercial. In my case it's my first teamviewer connection in over one year. I connect between my laptop and my server at home from my summerhouse. So it's absolutely wrong to call it commercial.

  • cjmastermind
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    Hi !

    I only end up in this forum when I select support. I want to send a ticket to teamviewer to tell them that I don't use teamviewer in a commercial way at all. How do I do that?

    // CJ

  • 2054
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    Almost the same with me. I want to connect my Laptop with my PC at home.

    Sometimes I help my mom with her little computer issues which are not fixed in one minute.

    Hope to get help here soon.

  • castorcode
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    I am facing the same issues I use it to connect my mom and dads pc in India from UAE nd nowadays can't help them plz fix this issues guys

  • Ray_Temmerman
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    I very occasionally use TV to help friends, almost all of them older than me (I'm 72) with their computer issues. I don't get paid a penny for any of this.

    Today I was trying to connect to my PC at home, which I haven't connected to in months. (My wife and I are 'locked down' in Australia due to covid, borders closed.) TV kicks me out after about 30 seconds. Again and again. I can't even get in long enough to check if the antivirus and malware systems are running properly.

    What gives? Is this TV's way to try forcing us all onto the purchased version (which is exceedingly expensive if one uses it only occasionally, and never gets paid for any of the support one provides to family and close friends).

    Any suggestions that would solve the problem, short of buying the license, would be most helpful.

  • Ray_Temmerman
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    A lot of people, including me, seem to be having the same problem. It may be that TV will come up with a fix. Or it may be that TV has reached its 'best before' date, and it's time to find something else.

    I hope the former, but...

  • JeffreyU
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    Hello, I made an account yesterday and tried to setup my device. However, Teamviewer thinks I am using the service for commercial uses even though it is not.

    How can I prove that it's not meant for commercial means?

  • Hi

    my english isnt best.

    I am giving help to my father in law- hes 80y

    now iam blocket as a mistake i think because i use private in family

    i ve send the shown PDF for reset with mx sign , but it seems nothing happens

  • willpv2
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    Had this today.

    The fix is it does not recognize the file as a PDF when the .PDF is capitalized. Change FileName.PDF to FileName.pdf and it will accept it.

  • Marc_Andre
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    Hi, I was flagged as commercial, had timed out issue after 1 minute (instead of 5, **bleep**), sent the form and got restored to a free use account.

    I am still getting timed out after 1 minute and unable to log for 10.

    I got no idea if there's another solution as the first post isn't helpful at all in my case

  • exbrooklyn
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    I have had a free non-commercial account for years. Only once before - a few years ago - did TV keep booting me out for suspected commercial use. I was able to get it reset in a couple days. This time I submitted the request a WEEK AGO and they are STILL booting me out a few seconds after I log onto my home PC. HOW LONG is it going to take to get this resolved?????😕

  • exbrooklyn
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    Ok, dumb question...where s this Create PDF button??? I have been getting kicked off my home PC for weeks now. I submitted a request for a reset a week ago and no one seems to be paying any attention! Does anyone know what the heck is going on??? How long is this going to take? Last time this happened a few years ago it only took a day or two to get reset.

  • Marc_Andre
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    [removed per Community Guidelines]

    I've just searched in the post of last week and there was not 1 reply from TV.

    Either they're not checking here, or they know there's an issue but they are not communicating it.

  • RichyRich
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    TeamViewer Disconnects me 1-5 seconds after I Connect with my Friend and is messaging me that I am Using a Business Account, but I use FREE Acct.

    What Gives? Are they trying to Tell me that I should Buy a License?

    Any HELP will be greatly Appreciated.

  • Phlyer
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    Been rebuilding my laptop last few days after a new HDD and clean install. This includes copying installation and other files & software etc from my desktop to my lappy, yet today when i fire up to finish off, yet again im blocked for commercial use!!

    They did this to me several months ago when I was problem solving with my semi housebound aged father in laws PC, which forced me to actually to break covid quarantine to sort it onsite - which kinda bollockses the whole reason for TV in the first place!! After a lot of searching digging etc i opened a ticket and complained, and eventually they soreted it out. I asked then if they could please use their common sense and make a note - this is the 4th or 5th time in about 3 years this has happened.

    Now, im forced to copy files to a thumb drive and the external hdd ive just built, between 2 computers a few feet apart in the same **bleep** room to finish the rebuild!!!

    Ive used TV for many years but it seems that theyre taking lessons on being bloody awkward and obstructive from Zuckerburgs arsebook empire.

    and yes, i am annoyed. again, because again, im struggling to find the ticket, come complaint form !!!

    really is **bleep** poor service.

  • Phlyer
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    same issue, different cause. Im rebuildng my lappy and transferring installation files from my desktop software archive and now AGAIN, ive been blocked for commercial use when its my home desktop and laptop 6 feet apart in the same room!

    Need help getting any progress - cant submit a ticket for a free user, cant find anyone to talk to, chat wont connect, and im, getting abso - **&^$£^*( - lutely nowhere fast !!!

    now having to use an ext hdd ive just built to swop the files between the 2 machines. This isnt the first time ive been blocked like this, and the last time i gave up waiting for TV support to respond / help and broke quarantine to sort out my aged father in laws PC on site.

    Phil the frustrated!!!