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Duplicate contacts for the same computer with different names and icons

w1se Posts: 1
edited January 27 in General Questions


I have two contacts on my list which were just added when I added one computer:

  1. Circle icon with green dot (which represents online) - Name
  2. Typical computer icon which is blue (which represents online). -Name's Laptop

I can have two separate chats, and I've been told I appear the same way on said computer (2 contacts, with 2 different icons).


  1. What does these two different icons/contacts represent?
  2. Can I delete the circle one without communications / control issues?



PS, surprised I couldn't find any documentation on this. :(


  • CPSP
    CPSP Posts: 1 Newbie

    I have the same question...

    is nobody monitoring these posts?? why is there no response after 8 mos?

  • JoshP
    JoshP Posts: 568 Senior Moderator

    Hello @w1se & @CPSP

    The two icons you mention, which are found in Computers & Contacts within the application, represent a TeamViewer account and a TeamViewer device.

    1. Devices appear with a computer icon - These are associated with specific TeamViewer IDs and will connect you to the specific device.
    2. Users logged in with a TeamViewer account will appear as either their PFP or as a circle with a silhouette inside. The user accounts allow for chatting between the two users, as well as other advantages.

    Regarding deletion of either, this is up to the user. I would recommend checking the two linked articles above, as well as the following:

    Lastly, @CPSP, please know that the TeamViewer Community is mostly user-driven - we do work to ensure as many posts or solutions can be provided by support reps or moderators, however the majority of the solutions come from our other users! Due to this, some questions may not be immediately answered; regardless, we always work to provide as much support as possible 😁

    Hope this helps clarify 🍀

    Josh P.
    Senior Community Moderator


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