TeamViewer 9 & 10 End-of-Life



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    Can someone please let everyone know who and where we can sign up for the class action lawsuit. The company I work for also bought a perpetual license meaning the company guarantees it as long as they are in business period. They are violating the contact which entitles the victims (anyone who purchase said license) to a refund at the very least or a MANDATORY upgrade to the least supported version that will still function the way the software was supposed to work AS PURCHASED. Working on a LAN is not acceptable and I might add rather useless functionality.


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    I just hope that if anyone has gotten the perpetual update to version 15, let us know! I had to upgrade mine to 15, due only in January 2026 free, and then I will pay monthly fee, unfortunately, because I work using the team viewer. I hope that until then the company can give us the license forever in version 15, as we were the pioneers in the company.

    Tradução para o idioma Português do Brasil:

    Só espero que, se tiver alguma pessoa que conseguiu a atualização perpétua para a versão 15, nos avisem! eu tive de atualizar o meu para o 15, com vencimento só em janeiro de 2026 livre, e depois pagarei mensalidade, infelizmente, pois trabalho usando o team viewer. Espero que até lá a empresa possa nos dar a licença para sempre na versão 15, pois fomos os pioneiros na empresa.

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    Let us know! I had to upgrade mine to 15, due only in January 2023 free.

    @TeknolojiNYC please include me on the lawsuit!

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    My company is in the same boat as everyone else. Would gladly join a lawsuit if one is going forward.

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    Include me on law suit

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    I join the lawsuit. I also bought a version with a lifetime license and now TeamViewer is trying to cheat us all.

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    Anyone else having connection timeout issues?

    currently I can only connect to any site for 5 mins before temaviewer drops the connection....

    Is this another ploy to try to FORCE uses to using v15 - I'm still using v9.

    Anyone else having this issue?

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    Hi all,

    please see this article for more information:

    Thanks and best, Esther

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    It came to our attention that you intend to ignore the licensing terms, under which we have purchased our original TeamViewer “PERPETUAL” licenses. We do not wish to upgrade to a “COMPLIMENTARY” version that is period/subscription based (as per your announcement her:, but want to continue to have access and usage of our original “PERPETUAL” licenses. Please let us know how to achieve the requested “PERPETUAL” usage.



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    When is the end of life for TeamViewer 12?

    People can sue for false advertising and bait and switch tactics if the product isn't kept as perpetual in licensing.

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    I wouldn't mind joining the lawsuit though I'm a TV12 user. I'm not sure when they will end of life it too.

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    What do I do now to join this lawsuit? I am in Australia and not happy with Teamviewers bussiness ethics.

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    Hi! I have TV9 please include me in the lawsuit as well I very much feel that this is unfair and they should honor their obligations.

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    Hi! I have TV6 please include me in the lawsuit.

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    This will happen to TV 11 and TV 12 as well. They're not going to keep supporting perpetual licenses for those forever.

    Best you can do is sue the through a class action suit. You can also switch to competing product like [Third party product] to show your solidarity. Ignore all the TeamViewer scam ads as well - including the 28 days of notice to cancel subscription scam, where they refuse to cancel or can't be reached and then say you didn't cancel on time.

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    Hi! I have Teamviewer 9 please include me in the lawsuit.

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    I will enjoy adding myself to any class action suit that follows this forced migration from my perpetual license to a subscription. There appears to be deceptive practices that should be pretty easily proved in a court. My lifetime / perpetual license was not advertised with any caveats at the time of my expensive license purchase. I intend to be very active and vocal about this bait and switch, and will spend actual money to NOT give Teamviewer any more of said money. 

    First they start by disconnecting my sessions every few minutes to force me to "upgrade" then I am shown a chart that shows my LIFETIME / PERPETUAL license will end in 2022. This will not do at all, nor will I take this quietly. I will indeed seek counsel to enforce a proper resolution to a very clear and implicit license that I paid for in good faith to a company I was very happy with up until now. I have recommended Teamviewer to countless business associates, I will now actively and with purpose seek to dissuade anyone from using Teamviewer products.

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    Hi! I have Teamviewer 9 & 10 please include me in the lawsuit.

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    P,lease count me in for a Class Action lawsuit

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    This company makes changes in the name of the security,

    while discontinuing lifetime licences is about money,

    it has nothing to do with security related questions.

    It is a simple lie, and again a step after step to force customers to rebuy.

    The acceptable offer should be a lifetime licensed teamviewer of any version that's considered secure.

    But I guess we have to get legal help to force out what we payed for or to get the money back.

    It is a shame that this happens with those exact customers who made this company grow in the starting decade.

    Selling lifetime license that can't be used less than 10 years later is a fraud.

    I will deny teamviewer in my companies and tell everyone not to purchase teamviewer ever.

    It will be a lifetime job for me, because this greedy company doesn't give a **bleep** about the above comments.

    They simply don't want anyone who won't pay the new price.

    Please count me in for a class action lawsuit.


  • Cavadias
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    People in the USA can try to make their statement through Better Business Bureau®. Teamviewer promises to address their queries there.

    I hope their legal department run an audit to their marketing and sales as we are all very confused and a lot of subscribers feel ugly.

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    Please ad me in this class action suit. When i put up the money for my "lifetime" purchase of TeamViewer I expected just that. Lifetime. I'm a very small business and cannot justify the costs for the updated versions/subscriptions and will not pay that. Either return my full purchase price for breach of contract or honor your sale to me as lifetime.

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    I have the Teamviewer 10 Premium license from 2015s too and the same thing is now happening to me.

    I am 40 years old, computer programmer for 19 years and I have NEVER EVER seen anything like this before.

    Selling a "life-time" license and "forcing to upgrade or stop it" after 5 years is called "SCAMMING", whatever the reason is. So please cut the "security" **bleep**, it is NOTHING to do with it. It is all about money, the money you keep asking for NO REASON.

    I have the license aggreement and I have every right to go to law suit.

    Teamviewer, gosh, do NOT think you will get away with this.

    Once a law suit is won against this matter, it will stand as example and all other suits that follows will be instantly won.

    What a bad reputation for you, a reputation that you actually deserve.

    PS: For all, I will update here when I open the law suit. I have my own lawyer and we already have a meeting next week. I've just printed out the License Agreement to deliver him and I believe he can handle the rest.

    Can you feel it, TeamViewer GMBh ? It's closing in on you.

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    why do you not upgrade the app on clients and your computer to version 12?

    yes, its so easy.

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    Maybe I am wrong, but I don't think teamviewer 10 license works on 12.

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    I bought a lifetime license for Teamviewer 6 many, many years ago. Stopped using it in 2019 when I got an offer from teamviewer to start using version 14/15. Now I don't want to continue my license for 15 because of out of work.

    I tried to use my older version of TeamViewer 6 (and it doesn't connect anymore). But a lifetime license, should be forever? My windows XP license still activates.. and my office 2007 also still works...

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    Add me to your list; This is completely insane and Illegal!

  • FrustratedCustomer

    Another one here to add to any the lawsuit list, this is beyond frustrating.