The license you tried to activate is already activated on another TeamViewer account.

I just paid > 100 Euro for a lincense and when I try and acctivate it it says:

"The license you tried to activate is already activated on another TeamViewer account."

I emailed support and got a reply saying that their support email address is no longer in use and I should come here.  




  • Natascha
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    Hi @nickp 

    Thank you for your post. 

    Can you please send your invoice number in a private message? 

    I will forward your case to one of my colleagues. 

    Wish you a great day and all the best, 

    German Community moderator 💙 Moderatorin der deutschsprachigen Community

  • Hi, 

    I have the same problem. Could you please let me know how to solve it ?



  • Fiona_G
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    Hi @moien,

    Thank you for your post and welcome to our community.

    Could you please send your invoice number via a Private Message so our support team can look into it for you?

    I look forward to your message.

    Kind regards,


  • krishnakesh
    krishnakesh Posts: 7 ✭✭

    i am also facing the same problem can anyone please help

  • Andre80
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    Hi, I'm facing the same issue and cannot create a ticket.

    We have a corporate license and I only have the legacy license key. if I want to update my recently crated account, I get the error message "the license you tried to activate is already... on another team viewer account"

    would be great to get some assistance here

    Thanks, André

  • JRens
    JRens Posts: 1


    I'm facing exactly the same issue.

    Some colleagues of mine are using the same Key but I cannot activate it on my account.

    Please provide some instructions what I can do.


  • Nadin_W
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    Hello @JRens,

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    Since we would need sensitive license information from your side to check on your issue, I'd recommend you contact our customer support team for further assistance. You can reach out to our support teams using the local numbers found here ☎.

    Please have the key you mentioned ready for the call. 

    Thank you for understanding that we cannot assist you in this case here in the Community.

    However, we are already looking forward to your next post. 

    Have a nice day!