No Trusted Device Emails - How do I get whitelisted so it works?!



  • rdurost
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    I'm a retired PC support technician doing free support in my small town. When I try to add a new charity client to my main account, the e-mail to let me verify a new Trusted Computer never shows up. There are no error messages anywhere.

    I have a second account that I use for only a single charity client because others need to log into it too. That account has no problem generating the Trusted Computer e-mail when I add a new computer to it. This account is associated with a different e-mail address, but all messages are sent to the same inbox, so I know my mail service is fine.


  • Sunsettech
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    When I attempt to add a new trusted device the message indicates I will receive an email but it never arrives when using my main email address. It does work with a second address but then is in another group

    How do I recover the ability to receive the email

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    No response after two months to a problem that has existed for a year. Why don't you just admit that all existing free clients were kicked off the system so you could pressure them to buy a license?

    If this was a "bug" you would have fixed it for everyone. The fact that it's only being fixed for paid accounts lets us know clearly that this was an intentional act for marketing purposes.

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    We are unable to receive TeamViewer password reset emails on our email.

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    I'm trying to add a new trusted device but I'm not receiving the email to allow it. How can I generate a new one? Is there another way to add one?

  • Eddiefl03
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    I have created this account, just to make this post because I am not able to access my main account. when I try to login it supposed to send an authorization email and I am not receiving it. not sure if its allowed to post my email but I need some help with this please.

  • TimothyGrove
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    I am trying to set up my new computer with Teamviewer, have tried to log in on the app. It tells me that I will get an email to set up the trusted device. I never receive an email. I have checked my Spam folder, Junk folder, and Deleted folder, and there is no email from Teamviewer.

    Please help.

  • TimothyGrove
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  • Sayantan
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    I have been locked out of my teamviewer account and the management console because I am not receiving any email regarding trusted devices, and none of my devices at this moment is a trusted device anymore. There is no way i can even contact support because your on line listed phone number is wrong and the chat window doesnt operate midday on Friday which is supposed to be a working day.

    Note: I have created this ID so that I could post in the community. My paid account has a different login, but as I said I am locked out of there as I don't get any emails. I have checked Spam etc.

    Do something

    Sayantan Gupta

  • Sayantan
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    This issue has been solved. Someone from the team helped white list by email ID, and I am receiving emails now.

    But guys please recheck the number listed on your India support site: +91 22 6150 2429

    This number is listed on your link if you select India as your country and this number is not reachable when I try to connect. Otherwise my issue is resolved.

  • Howard_Yip
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    I have another account (same domain) that I can not log in as I have to receive a 'Trusted Device' email however I do not receive this email? I checked the backend (exchange mailflow) and never received it. Does Teamviewer need to whitelist it or something else?



  • .Carol.fg.
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    Hi @Howard_Yip,

    Thanks for your post and welcome to the TeamViewer Community.

    Please make sure to add TeamViewer domain to your email server-allowed list, and double-check your spam and junk folder.

    Let us know how it goes.

    Best, Carol 👩🏻‍🦰🌷

    Portuguese Community Moderator

  • Dr4g3r
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    I have one gmail that don't received emails from teamviewer to verification identity. The problem is that even when i tried to enter on my account, i can't because always ask for an email (to gmail) that i never received.

    I'm send this message from other account to try some help here.

    Is someone know how to fix this, and for my email (gmail) start receiving verifications emails from teamviewer again?

    I cant start the two auth form because i can't enter on my teamviewer account!

    Now i'm stuck and i need to access some remote computer.

    This is stupid!

    Best regards;

  • joejobson
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    I don't have a premium license or anything, but as I was setting up my account for TeamViewer it sent a email verification but the email link instantly didn't work. Can I get a new one sent?

  • JesseD
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    I signed up to for free team viewer to keep my files up to date my 4 devices. I don't need remote login, and do not work on any body else computer. Just want the files in my devices to stay update.

    I see no instruction how to get a device added as a trusted device on my account.

    If I can't link my devices, I don't need this program.

  • RamonBergevoet
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    Hi, the company i work in has given me a business account. But when i try to login with it, i should recieve an email. Unfortunatly i dont recieve the mail and it isnt stuck in the spamfilter either. Could i get any help with this?

  • texaseagle46
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    When we add a new computer team viewer is supposed to send me a authorization request right? Not

  • .Carol.fg.
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    Hello @RamonBergevoet and @texaseagle46 ,

    Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our Community!

    The trust device emails can have delays sometimes. We also advise double-checking the spam and junk folder.

    You also may consider adding the TeamViewer domain ( to your email server-allowed list.

    Please give it another try, and let us know if you still not receiving the trust device email. 🙋‍♀️

    Best, Carol 👩🏻‍🦰🌷

    Portuguese Community Moderator

  • Tr1d3nt_1234
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    There is nothing in the SPAM or JUNK Folder: when we send a normal email to that email address we receive it 100%. Are the trusted device emails being blocked by ISP or where do we start - we got new pc's for our support but cannot activate the licenses as we not receiving the trusted email links any more - started about 2 weeks or so ago. Is there no Backup or recovery email address you can go and find or add if you did not receive it?

  • JenW
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    Hi @Tr1d3nt_1234,

    Welcome to the TeamViewer Community! 🙌

    It can happen that the reception of trusted device emails has some delays.

    If you have already double-checked your spam and junk folder, you may also consider adding the TeamViewer domain to your email server-allowed list like this: *

    Please give it another try, and let us know if you still not receiving the trust device email!



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  • Treadhead64
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    Same issue. I can't even get into my web account. I had to create a new account just to send this message. My account is under

    [Removed as Community Guidelines]

  • Treadhead64
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    Same issue. I can't even get into my web account. I had to create a new account just to send this message. My account is under [Removed as Community Guidelines]

  • Treadhead64
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    Hi - I had to create this new account to post this message. My account no longer receives the emails to add trusted devices. I have checked spam, and there is no blocking going on of the * domain.

    It's been happening for long time. I only use the free version to assist family members, mainly my elderly parents and in-laws, as well as a few personal PCs I use for various purposes.

    Has my email been blacklisted? [removed per Community Guidelines