Security codes and apps for two-factor authentication

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Which apps can I use to generate a security code for two-factor authentication?

To create a security code for two-factor authentication you need to install an authenticator app on your mobile device. For every platform, a variety of apps are available. In general, you can use any app that supports the time-based one-time password (TOTP) protocol.

For example, use one of the following apps.



Windows Phone:


Please note that none of the above apps are managed by TeamViewer. Thus, TeamViewer cannot guarantee that the apps will run flawlessly.

What can I do if I have problems generating correct security codes for two-factor authentication?

If the security code that your authenticator apps generates does not work, this could be caused by an incorrect time setting on your mobile device.

To fix the problem, you have to synchronize the time on your mobile device. To do so, choose one of the following options.

  • Set the time on the mobile device to automatic date and time
  • Tab the synchronization button in the authenticator app to sync time (not provided with every authenticator app)

If you cannot get your authenticator app to generate correct security codes, consider deactivating the two-factor authentication by using your recovery code and set up two factor authentication again using another authenticator app.


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