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Install Limit Reached

l have recently upgraded to a Business Subscription however, I can no longer sign in on any computers as it says that I have reached my Install Limit and need to replace my exisitng device.

I only have one device listed which is the one I am currently trying to sign into. 

This was not a problem before I started using it for work and purchased the business subscription.

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  • When I try too connect to my Teamviewer adresslist on my cellphone, I get very shortly the message, starting with "install limit reached" on my Samsung S6. The rest of the message I cannot read so quickly, because its only displayed for about 3 secounds. One Day before I had installed an Android Update and It works correctly before that.

  • iharshad
    iharshad Posts: 2

    Popup now leads to homepage of management console, where no option is provided to remove signed devices.

    Kindly assist

  • sdwesg
    sdwesg Posts: 1

    I have just purchased the license for business account yesterday and now I cannot login into my account on another PC. There is a message saying that I have reached install limit. What does it mean by install limit? I need to login on this PC.

  • Scotty
    Scotty Posts: 492 Staff member 🤠

    Hi sdwesg,

    Thanks for posting and I am sorry for the hassle.

    Deactivating an existing device
    If you already have 3 devices registered, you will be directed online by the software to remove one of the existing devices from your license.

    You can also remove the devices by logging in directly here where you can deactivate an existing device.

    Once you have removed a device, you can sign in to a new device as normal.

    Adding Devices to Your Contacts List
    This issue can be caused by manually assigning devices you are connecting to as well. Assigning a device manually means that you are signing in, so unfortunately this cannot be done. However, there are much easier ways to set up the product on your end points. (This means you also get to avoid annoying "Trusted devices" emails)

    1. Create a custom Host
    See our Knowledgebase Article
    When installed, these are assigned to you automatically and will appear in your contacts list. You can also add custom logo's and even set the settings you want on install using a policy.

    2. Custom Full-version
    You can also have a full-version installer that is assigned to you automatically as well. Simply create a custom host as you would above, then grab the "Configuration ID" from the edit field of the host module (Screenshot attached) and add this to the end of an installer .exe prefixed by "-idc"

    For example:
    Configuration ID: abcd1234
    Installer name is "TeamViewer_Setup.exe" becomes "TeamViewer_Setup-idcabcd1234.exe"

    Note: Custom Logo's are not available on the full version

    3. You can just install without doing the assignment and entering your details. Just skip that part of the install and set a permanent password under "Extras" > "Options" > "Security"
    You can also see instructions on how to do this in our knowledgebase here

    I hope this answers your question!


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  • furburr
    furburr Posts: 1

    Why is there a limit on 3 devices when before I paid for a subscription I can attach more than 3 computers? Isnt there an unlimited endpoints as stated on the business subscription?

  • TheAppGuy
    TheAppGuy Posts: 2
    I pay for a three channel license. I am a single operator that uses TV for client support and to be able to connect to one of my three servers if I am at home. It is appalling that I spend so much money yet you are saying I cannot have my machines logged in?
  • ALN424
    ALN424 Posts: 1

    I have a business account and am just got a new computer. I deleted the previous computer from the Teamviewer device list, but when I am trying to add the new one, I get this message:

    "Install limit reached. With your edition, you may use TeamViewer only on a limited number of devices. Please either deactivate an existing install in your account settings or upgrade to a higher edition."

    I have used only a few device slots, and my account says I have  200 available. I even tried deactivating a few other computers, and it still says I'm over the limit. I contacted Teamviewer support and no one answered me. Can someone please help?

  • feardark
    feardark Posts: 2 ✭✭

    I got the same problem being a Business user.

    Removed one of my 3 licences so I could activate it in a new PC, keep getting the same error message "Install limit reached" all day long. When I hit the 'Replace existing device' it sends me to the Contacts and Computers webpage. I checked my licenses and I have only 2 active, even tried removing most of the computers I had in the Contacts and Computers list, still doesn't work .

    Sent a ticket 5h ago that still remains unanswered, and I have a client waiting all this time since I can't connect from my PC with my account, it's really annoying.

  • Scotty
    Scotty Posts: 492 Staff member 🤠

    Hi @feardark

    Do not remove devices from the Computers and Contacts. This is not the correct location.

    Please follow the link I provided above.
    DO NOT CLOSE THE PAGE that pops up when you go into the link.
    This is not an ad or pop-up.

    Neues vierte.jpg



    I hope this resolves this for you.

    If not, please give us a call


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  • feardark
    feardark Posts: 2 ✭✭
    Hi Scotty,
    As I said above, I first removed it from that page and it shows me I have 2 active licenses. I tried removing them from contacts to troubleshoot it wasn't associated to that.
  • Scotty
    Scotty Posts: 492 Staff member 🤠

    Hi @feardark

    In this case I would recommend you contact our support as this seems to be specific to your license.


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  • stwc
    stwc Posts: 1

    wow thats a load of **bleep**


  • I have just purchase a business license and I am getting an error when I try to log in to my account: "Install limit reached. With your edition, you may use TeamViewer only on a limited number of devices. Please either deactivate an existing install in your account settings or upgrade to a higher edition."

    I have never found this error with my previous free account... strange

    Anyway, when I go to my profile/License I can see that I have only one instalation and 7 remains. Why I can't use Teamviewer at any other device???  Any help?

    Thanks in advance


  • Scotty
    Scotty Posts: 492 Staff member 🤠

    Hi @aleonc


    The Business license can only be used from up to 3 devices.

    So the license follows your account and when you sign in, the license is applied to that device. So this means you can only sign in and use the license from 3 devices.

    This is not a restriction of the free license. The restriction of the free license is that it cannot be used for commercial use.

    You can see more information on the activation process here


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  • So, you actually discourage people from paying for your software? I wanted to support you, and purchased the Business licence, and now I can't even check the state of my four coumputers at home (mine own personal laptop, my wife's, an old laptop through which a printer is connected, and a stationary game PC). Plus a phone, from which I could check what's happening at home, and now it says go to **bleep**, the limit of installations is reached. It looks like you don't need money at all?

  • After formatting my laptop and trying to install the Teamviewer – I am getting message “Installation Limit Reached”. On getting into my account and trying to Deactivate the Devices – I am not able to do so – Getting Error. 

  • Hello

    Have you tried the solution suggested by Scotty in the thread? I had the same error and couldn't deactivate the previous device (looked here in the answers doing my project)So I had to create a ticket for support and then send them an invoice via e-mail. Here's the link to support, if you're planning to ask them -

  • Dear Scotty,

    Thanks for the link; I am experiencing the same issue. however, I have a business account. It says there are 3 detected installations and 9 possible to install (in FRENCH here - Installations détectées : 3 possibilités d'installation restantes : 9).

    So I do not understand why I would have to deinstall something if there is 9 left.

    What are exactly these licences?

    Thanks for your help

  • Scotty
    Scotty Posts: 492 Staff member 🤠


    Sorry for the confusion. You cannot install in a total of 9 devices.
    You can use the software in up to 3 devices, you have 9 moves remaining.

    So you can move the license 9 more times, but only have a maximum of 3.


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  • nicki
    nicki Posts: 1

    Anyone know why i keep getting the message [install limit reached.  With your current plan you may use TEam viewer on a limited number of devices which is now reached]

    I have logged into my account and removed all but two devices and am trying to add a new computer which would be the third?  I have a business licence, which i iunderstood to mean i could only have one session open at a time, but could have multiple machines?


  • Esther
    Esther Posts: 3,569 Community Manager 🌍

    Hi Nicki,

    You´re right. You should be able to be logged in on three different devices:

    With a Business-license, you can use TeamViewer on up to three devices to connect to remote devices (connect from one device at a time).

    If you would like to replace one of the devices you are connecting from – for example, because of hardware replacement, etc. -, you can remove the license activation in the TeamViewer Management Console --> Edit profile --> License --> click on Deactivate device.

    May I ask you to check once again the number of current devices within your Management Console?

    Thanks and best,


    Community Manager
  • This still isn't entirely clear. Do we need to delete all the computers from the 'Computers & Contacts' section? Or we need to 'deactivate' some computers? how? which ones?

    Is 3 the limit on the number of devices where 'Grant easy access' is enabled (controlled computers), or locations which are logged in (control computers). 

    When I paid, it said that I can manage up to 200 devices, and didn't mention anything about a limit on the number of controlling devices. This suggests up to 200 devices can have easy access granted, but only 3 devices can do the actual controlling.

    It's a shame that we get such a hard drop in functionality as soon as we start paying to use the service. I basically can't sign in on my laptop (main control computer), which makes the service principally useless.


    EDIT: After reading the other posts (not the one marked solution), I can deactivate one of the 3 shown and activate on my laptop.


    btw - the limit of '9 moves', how often is that refreshed? Every new laptop = 2 moves (windows+osx).

  • dyzhang
    dyzhang Posts: 2

    how can i add the 3rd one

  • gurkin33
    gurkin33 Posts: 1

    Hello @Scotty ,

    Thank you! The issue resolved!

    Regards, Aleksey

  • rp1
    rp1 Posts: 1

    hi please help also with this problem i read other post but what gets me is that i have teamv on my work pc so thats 1 and teamv on home but it shows i have it on a 3rd also not a train smash my problem is that iv logged into teamv on my samsung tablet and my mothers tablet but now i cannot log into my phone it says 

    install lim reach with my current plan please help

  • took me a bit to find out, would be great if the names would show as well by the detected installations.

  • Removed all devices from my account.. still giving same problem

  • Install limit reached. With your current plan, you may use TeamViewer on a limited number of devices which is now reached. To replace an installation, sign in to your account on

    Why i login on given link and goto my contacts i did not get any device in list. But still show this message. How i can solve this?

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