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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • mcm57
    mcm57 Posts: 6

    I've the same problem since today.

    I have no idea why teamviewer thinks my usage mightbe commercial. I'm connecting from my office PC to my home PC (only this one). I've opened a ticket - will see what happens.

    OK - Teamviewer must take some measurements to ensure that the software is not used commercially. But either they should not promize a free software for private use or the software should really work for private use. And connecting to only one or very few systems should be an indcation of private usage as no real company will have only opne customer ... 


  • la stessa cosa lo hanno fatto anche a me, nonostante ho dichiarato ufficialme te che lo uso a scopi privati

  • JayM
    JayM Posts: 3
    Yup, same here. All of a sudden I'm now a commercial user.

    Has anyone with TV responded to this yet? 33 pages is a lot to sift through.
  • This is terrible!  It is a very confusing message!

    What exactly does this mean???

  • I'm in the same boat.  I'm hoping this is a glitch, because I think TeamViewer is a great service.

  • JohnRH
    JohnRH Posts: 1

    This is the second time this happened to me. I just received an email, after 30 or so days, that as a "special consideration for this one time only* they will reset my account back to personal. Guess the next time it happens , and it will due to their faulty algorithm, I am out of luck.


  • Duce
    Duce Posts: 2

    I am having the same issue.

  • bebo9b
    bebo9b Posts: 1

    I have never received a commercial usage message, but from what I am reading, it is a 5 minute limit, not 59 seconds. 
    I have erased all traces of TV and reinstalled, different ips and still cant get any further than 59 seconds. Whether my participant is online or not. 
    Any idea? kind of dead in the water here

  • cushse
    cushse Posts: 2

    I am having the same issue.  Been using it for years to connect to my home PC from work and now I am no longer able to do that because somehow my account has been flagged for commercial use.

  • I got the same thing. Looked for a different solution and I am going back to **Third Party Product**. **Third Party Product** had better performance that TeamViewer when I was on it before, so I guess I'll see if this is still the case. It's $17 a year for personal use, so a lot cheaper.

    Shame, though. Teamviewer has been great for fixing family computers while I am at work though.
  • Duce
    Duce Posts: 2

    Same issue.

  • cushse
    cushse Posts: 2

    same issue here.  Been using TV forever on my home computer and now today I am getting disconnected after 59 seconds and a message that I am using TV commercially, which I am NOT doing.  

  • mcm57
    mcm57 Posts: 6

    Seems that Teamviewer block a lot of (legel ?) private user since today ...

  • origami
    origami Posts: 12 ✭✭

    Everyone should try publicly tweeting your dissatisfaction with the faulty algorithm with and with Teamviewer's support practices to the users "Teamviewer" and "Teamviewer_help" on Twitter.

    Maybe if there is enough public disatisfaction the company will change their misguided practices.

    The only algorithm that truly works is to trust and respect your customers, both present and future.

  • mcm57
    mcm57 Posts: 6

    OK there ARE alternatives.

    If TV cannot do anything better - not even drop any note here - switching to an alternative will be an option. As the moderator reads and removes help here regulkary, I suggest to google for die besten teamviewer alternativen or similar.

    I really would prefer to continue teamviewer. But if accessing my private home PC from my office PC is considered commercial - indipendent if I have / use 1 PC odr pretend (or lie) that the 200 PCs I regularly access are all my private PCs - TV is no longer an option. The monthly price might be OK for real commercial - but for private use it's inacceptable.

    I'll wait if / when TV responds to my ticket. A week might by long but acceptable. After that time I will contact Heise / Chip in germany. Maybe they could schedule a report with remote access software. At least a user letter will not be censored there as the situations seem a mismatch between promised free license and actual behaviour. To make it clear - TV has the right to stopp a free version. It's private software. BUT TV should NOT offer a free license for personal private usage if this is not true.



  • commentate il disapprovo sui post di Facebook, vediamo l'azienda cosa risponde, io l'ho già fatto

  • TheFatDude
    TheFatDude Posts: 3 ✭✭

    I could have replied to many of today's posts but chose this one because of the "legal" ephasis

    Let's be fair, they ALLOW you to use the software free - it's not a god given right! & IF you follow the request to fill in the form & your not a commercial user that reset your account

    IT MIGHT take a while but again, other tools out there & if you don't like it buy a licence

  • bamze84
    bamze84 Posts: 1
    I had the same problem, what to do ?
    JASKAR Posts: 1

    I just got the SAME message. How did you get them to put you back to free? Why is it doing that?

  • Sadly I am in the “30 day wait for our reply queue”.

    Best bet is find an alternative as kindly provided in detail above or completely remove all instance of TV from your computer and change/spoof your MAC address. Clean install and wait to be flagged as commercial again.
  • JRossi
    JRossi Posts: 2

    Ever since v13, I have been getting the message after the 2nd PC I log into.  I explained to Support that I have been using Teamviewer forever and it is for a Hobby which I get no money for.  They change it back to free and then two days later and I only connected to one PC and I got flagged again.  I put in a new form for commerical use and now it has been 20 days and still no response.  It is annoying a company would do this to consumers when they offer "FREE for Personal Use".

  • ae6dx
    ae6dx Posts: 9

    I'm getting the same error.  After a few connections I can't control the keryboard or mouse either.  Very frustraiting.

  • Does anybody know how to resolve the few minutes of access before timeout because TeamViewer claims it has detected commercial usage when I have never connected to a computer not on my desk. Two years of usage without a problem. But after a internet outage, Teamviewer no timesout almost as soon as I sign in. Help. 

  • Hi,  I accidentally chose business use instead of personal and need to change it!

  • paUser
    paUser Posts: 1

    If TV won't fix this, better to look at alternatives.

  • Peril
    Peril Posts: 4

    This is starting to really **bleep**.  My machines are repeatedly being bumped off and then I get a helpful message later that CS is making a "one-time exception" to get me back online.

    If you want to get rid of the free service, just do it please...

  • Master_X
    Master_X Posts: 3 ✭✭

    Same here over and over again. I am getting sick of that. Never ever used teamviewer in any commercial enviroment. Only connecting to my 2nd Win10 machine and some friends. Totally commercial use THANK YOU TEAMVIEWER - You have been good but atm it **bleep** hard

  • joshC1
    joshC1 Posts: 1

    I'm very curious at this point, seeing that many people have the same issue as I do. I sent an email to Teamviewer Support almost a week ago and have not heard back from them. Is this a way of telling us that there will no longer be a free version?  I used this for my PCs at home and I do not have a business, but T.Viewer kept insisting that I'm a business user. I've been using this for over 5 years now. Has anyone else had contacted support and get a response?

    Please share your experience. Thanks.