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TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!



  • Akala
    Akala Posts: 9

    ahh drat, I use ccleaner as well but haven't updated in the past week or two, but it is definitely becoming a habit :( It happened to lots of graphics programs too, I guess I'm just too old remembering all this stuff. But if you can't predict the future just say you'll keep it free for as long as possible, dont make promises you can't, or don't intend, to keep. Even though my teamviewer was fixed, I don't have a lot of confidence when I try it on some of my mother's other computers. Oh well, one battle at a time ;)

  • pv7721
    pv7721 Posts: 141

    @Akala : when I saw the big letters of "Thank you for playing fair!" in the latest CCleaner version I said what the... :D 

  • I use TeamViewer to connect from my mobile to my personal pc and for a while it tells me that it has detected that I am using it commercially.

    On occasion I have connected to other equipment, but not for commercial use ....

    What can I do to solve it?

  • pjgfi
    pjgfi Posts: 4

    Same here!

    Team Viewer recently (a few weeks ago) suspected commercial use althought I changed nothing in my habits for years (same family/friends!).

    And yesterday, I got the CCleaner pop up as well!

    My home PC is a second hand DELL with Windows 10 Pro. Could it be a windows update that makes those softwares thinks I'm on a pro machine (server signature or something ?)

  • pv7721
    pv7721 Posts: 141

    @pjgfi : no I don't think Microsoft would mess up with installed software in such a way (i.e. the displayed pop-ups clearly come from the applications itself). Moreover I got the CCleaner pop-up on other older versions of Windows as well (at least version 7).

    For me it's just a coincidence but it made me grin, and I was thinking how did Piriform came up with the same wording as TV? :D Thank you for playing fair! We do play fair, TV, we always did, but you seem to no longer play by your own rules.

  • pjgfi
    pjgfi Posts: 4
    Hi pv7721,
    I know the popup come from the software itself but I thought it could have been a (new?) windows "feature" that software could check to tell whether they're running in a pro or home environment.
    Did you get popup from both tools (TV & CC) on all your machines?
  • pv7721
    pv7721 Posts: 141

    @pjgfi : sorry, on Windows 7 I get warnings from both CC and TV, and recently I also saw some updates on Windows 7 but they were some preview versions of .NET Framework (anyways, Windows 7 is almost EOL so they won't update with feature).

    However, I don't have the CC warning on Windows XP, which makes me think the following: all my Windows versions are PRO versions (i.e. I always preferred to pay a little extra in order not to have the Home version (which lacks RDP for instance)).

    But if both software include in their check that the Windows version is a Pro version, then this is extremly dumb, nothing prevents me if I want to pay for it to use a Pro version as a non-professional user.

  • epbcn
    epbcn Posts: 1


    Frome some days, I have a time limit to connect me to another PC, how I can solve this problem that I never had since years I use privatly the program.

  • I can not connect being particular , i am user spanish,   since my mac it remained open tabsand he tells me commercial use not being that way, I only made a connection to another computer ina sporadic way. Please request solutio to continue being particular . Thak you. Yolanda cedillo. **Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**

  • Hello everyone. I have been using TeamViewer for years now and have stumbled upon an issue on one of my computers. I am a personal user, only using the program to monitor and remotely complete tasks on my various machines. However, one of my machines has said my trial version expired. I found the other article about how to switch from commercial to personal, but all the links to verify your personal use are broken and lead to an ERROR-404 page. Is there anyone who can help me in this by providing corrected links or share what I need to to? Thanks in advance!

  • JoshP
    JoshP Posts: 405 Senior Moderator

    Hello @stargateguy1 

    Thank you for your post.

    I was able to verify this as well. 

    I have forwarded the issue to the appropriate team so we may resolve this as quick as possible. 

    We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Josh P.
    Senior Community Moderator

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  • Thank you for your assistance, @JoshP When might I expect a solution to appear? No huge rush- I’m just trying to stay on top of things. Thanks! Glad it wasn’t just me!
  • JoshP
    JoshP Posts: 405 Senior Moderator

    Hello @stargateguy1 

    Thanks for the feedback.

    While I do not have a timeframe for resolution, I will reply here once resolved so you may verify it works again!

    Our team is actively working on getting the resolution as we speak :)

    Josh P.
    Senior Community Moderator

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  • argy
    argy Posts: 1

    I have same problem, today teamviewer let me connect only for 5 minutes but is not commercial use of application, why? can do for resolve taht issue?


    This link should give the form, but it gives 404 error. I submitted the form a while ago and did not get any response. Maybe the form URL is changed? If so please publish the link.

  • dano
    dano Posts: 2

    Help, help, help.

    I wonder if this is what's causing the commercial use issue with one of my laptops. @JoshP I have gone through the reset request form and not been reset, nor provided the decloration to fill out. Is TV having a problem with the resets? It's only on one of my eight devices, but I can't reach the other seven (in the same house) from the one being blocked.

  • nevillet
    nevillet Posts: 1

    I had a message that it was suspected I was using Teamviewer commercially and responded that it was only private use. On 23 Feb I received an email that said:

    Thank you for getting in touch with us. We are happy to inform you that your TeamViewer ID has been reset to “free”. After reviewing your request, we decided that your use case can be qualified as “personal”.

    I did not try until today to use it, but I receive the same commercial message. If I click OK I get a password window to log into the remote computer. Enter the password, and I see the remote computer but it logs me out in about 10 seconds. I am then blocked for 10 or 15 minutes. I don't seem to be able to contact Teamviewer direct so what do I do?

  • Error 404
  • pjgfi
    pjgfi Posts: 4

    @marcgalmes wrote:

    This link should give the form, but it gives 404 error. I submitted the form a while ago and did not get any response. Maybe the form URL is changed? If so please publish the link.

    Maybe it's a good sign that there's currently something wrong with the detection and they're updating the page...

    EDIT : no, page is back...

  • Natascha
    Natascha Posts: 1,183 Senior Moderator

    Hi there, 

    Thank you for your posts.

    Can you please try again to report your case? The page should now work again. 

    Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience caused. 

    All the best, 

    German Community Moderator
  • JoshP
    JoshP Posts: 405 Senior Moderator

    Hello @dano 

    Thank you for your post.

    There is no issue with forms already submitted. This was an issue with the website itself, and accessing the form in order to submit new requests. The issue has already been resolved, and the form is accessible again.

    Regarding any form already submitted, we aim to resolve all requests withing 7 days, but it may take longer due to the number of requests. We thank you for your patience.

    Josh P.
    Senior Community Moderator

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  • Hello,

    I use teamviewer for purely personal purposes, to connect to family computers.

    I am at the end of the trial version period (already extended by 7 days).

    How to get back to the free version? The commercial version was "imposed" by an update. I could not get the answer over the phone.

    Thank you

    N.B I already made the request a few days ago but did not get an answer.

  • dano
    dano Posts: 2

    Thanks @JoshP . I was hoping as it's been a month.

  • Dear Sirs, I just disturb you about a problem I have with my teamviewer license; I'm a home user and I can confirm that no professional or commercial use of Teamviewer has ever been made, but some days ago a messsage appears: "commercial use suspected..." and my teamviewer sessions last just 5 minutes from that momento on....

    Again I confirm that only personal use of the sw has been made (management and maintenance of friends and relatives pcs, in addition to mine when I'm out of home); so please, if it's possible, re-.activate my teamviewer license asap. 

    Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation and best regards

    Luca Baruffaldi

  • Don't use TV for personal use. I have in the past, and it was a good product, mostly stable. But even though using it to connect to a remote computer a few times a month, TV kicked me out and wanted to sell a licence. You should try **Third Party Product** instead. Not an easy setup but once you get there, it works. 

  • A few months ago one of my pc's was blocked for Commercial Use. I uninstalled and forgot about Teamviewer for a while. Today I reinstalled Teamviewer on the PC again. It's working now but I'm getting Suspected Commercial Use Pop ups. I really don't want it blocked again. Please, what do I do? I only use this pc as the household media server.

  • I had a problem while I was transmitting my pc to a friend of mine via teamviewer and in the meantime I received the message from Ban because I used the account for commercial purposes when it is not true

  • fripzap
    fripzap Posts: 1

    hello, teamviewer detects a commercial use while it's wrong how to do? thank you

  • Did it fix itself or how did it get fixed?

  • Good day;

    Although after claiming for the commercial use of the product, you have answered me
    "After reviewing your application, we decided that your use case can be described as" personal "
    I still have the same problems of not being able to connect with my equipment.
    Do I have to do some other procedure for TeamViewer to return to its private use situation?

    Thanks and best regards

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