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TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!



  • Kylian01Kylian01 Posts: 32

    I did that but they do not respond in like 4 weeks i send again same thing

  • JackHKJackHK Posts: 86

    Fill in the form and wait. Good luck!

  • JackHKJackHK Posts: 86

    i waited for 6 months with the account still blocked. Hence, be patience!

  • Kylian01Kylian01 Posts: 32

    If it takes them 6+ months to fix a problem with the commerciall use suspection people probaly switch to alternatives at that point

  • JackHKJackHK Posts: 86

    It's >6 months,  I am still waiting !!! For sure I am using alternatives as well while  I am waiting. :-)

  • Kylian01Kylian01 Posts: 32

    i also use alternatives still sad that teamviewer dosnt fix this problem it does not seem to be so hard to fix and also we use non comerccial users dont even know what triggers this.

  • JackHKJackHK Posts: 86

    i think it's more of they want to fix rather than they are able to fix! Good luck!

  • TweakerTweaker Posts: 8

    ***third party product***:      ---   __ __ -   __ - __-

  • JackHKJackHK Posts: 86

    I used *** third party product***. That one is quite good.

  • Kylian01Kylian01 Posts: 32

    i do to

  • JackHKJackHK Posts: 86

    Great mind thinks the same!!!

  • TweakerTweaker Posts: 8

    Don't forget to fill out the review form once you have uninstalled Teamviewer. Maybe that helps them realize they are not the only supplier of remote support tools.

    [removed per Community Guidelines]

  • Airbag888Airbag888 Posts: 7

    Well the one with V you need to know the IP right? Plus you need to setup Port forwarding etc. The A one you can autoconnect using some 'id' through firewalls with little to no configuration beyond installing the client

  • Kylian01Kylian01 Posts: 32

    i mainly use RMD for windows but i also have some linux computters and that is a bit more anoying soon i will just have a KVM and then i can fully ditch teamviewer

    Why a KVM? well i have a cople of server non commercialy just for hobby and playing around with so yea a server is commercialy but that fully depends how you use it

  • Hi,

    It was three weeks ago I filled the form.

    The response time is meant to be a week, it's been three times that.
  • Kylian01Kylian01 Posts: 32

    i think teamviewer dosnt care anymore for the non commercial users.

  • Looks like it.
  • Ezio66Ezio66 Posts: 1

    Version 14

    After about 3 minute the connection remote drop

    I try to connect my sister fram my home and after dropping a banner ask me the time is finished you need to buy a license 

    Could help me to resolve this issue ?



  • TweakerTweaker Posts: 8

    I just did. Log in, go to edit profile and select ''delete account'' further down.

    Make sure you first uninstall from your PC in order to be able to place your comments on the ''why do you want to remove'' page.

  • TweakerTweaker Posts: 8

    Totally agree. I would have been more fair to be honest about it and announce a stop on free accounts. That would have allowed free users to have the time to install alternatives. Now they just block some people who are depending on it, for example to help out their elderly parents with PC problems....Shame on you Teamviewer!

  • TweakerTweaker Posts: 8

    You first install the V-server on the PC you want to control. Then, using the account you have set up on ''V'', you log in and allow this PC to be used by the viewers. The PC itself also needs a password in ""V".

    On the viewers you use the same log in to install the account, and a password for the PC to be addressed.

  • da9el84da9el84 Posts: 6

    I actually received another form per email to fill out and sign, scan and send back to them. Did anyone else experience that?

    Still waiting for about 2 weeks now.... 

    I have found alternatives, but teamviewer is still king. 

    A reason for teamviewer to keep their private tier alive is for one, that once you get used to using this privately, when you start new companies or get employed, you will probably buy their licens. I know I did the last 2 times I started companies years ago.

    Now I just want to provide support to family members and manage my devices as usual, but no dice... 

  • pv7721pv7721 Posts: 141

    @da9el84 : yep, I did. I've submitted requests for all the TV ids I was connecting to (my computers, my mum's and my brothers). For one I received an email that it has been reset to free (but I don't know which one) and for another one I had to fill the form and never heard from them afterwards... But one day, without doing anything, lo and behold, it was working again!...

  • Ant1Ant1 Posts: 29

    You have to be very careful with dealing with TeamViewer. This company uses some very nasty tactics.

    I was using the free version of team viewer for private meetings and just before an important one I was told I had to upgrade to the paid version without warning (I am not a commercial user). The meeting was very important so I had no choice but to pay up.

    I then saw that the correct amount was taken out of my account so I didn't bother opening the invoice. That was a big mistake, as in the fine print in the invoice it says that the next year they will automatically renew the license unless 28 days notice is given. They did not mention that in the e-mail. Also, when it came time to renew they did not give any warning about the renewal and their 28 days notice and so suddenly I found hundreds of dollars taken from my account for a product which I no longer use.

    When I contacted support and explained that I no longer used TeamViewer their response was that the "invoice cannot be cancelled". That is an incredibly dishonest response. They don't have control over their own finances? 

    I have been completely cheated by this company - first to get me in and then with the renewal (which they increased the price on by $100 as well). I have been done for over $1,000 by Teamviewer. My only recourse is consumer affairs and social media. The good news is that I have plenty of time for that. I hope that no-one else gets **bleep** in the way that I have been.

  • Ant1Ant1 Posts: 29

    It doesn't care about the commercial ones either

  • I had signed up to use the personal version of teamviewer. Somehow, it is saying that I have a commercial version and the free trial has expired. Do I need to delete teamviewer from the affected computer and start over? I have no need for a commercial license.

  • Hi JackHK,

    where is the form to fill????

  • JackHKJackHK Posts: 86

    Fill in the form and wait. Good  luck!

  • JackHKJackHK Posts: 86

    Please remove the programme and re-install. 

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