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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • claytone
    claytone Posts: 8

    The "commerical use" bug bit me today. I found the two similar but different forms below. I was finally able to submit the second one using the numeric TeamViewer id (### ### ###) in the device ID field. The first one asked for "TeamViewer ID", but didn't like the TeamViewer user ID I submitted. The second also asked for a log file, so I sent the latest one along. I'm not going to hold my breath, since the form says "answering your request may take up to 30 days".

  • I also have this problem, can somebody solve this please?

  • claytone
    claytone Posts: 8

    Yes, I'm going to look around for a new product.I really can't justify spending [the price has been removed as per the community guidelines.] when for the most part I could just get up, go upstairs, and sit down at the other computer.

    I found there are actually two similar pages for arguing your case, links are below. I got the second one to work by including the numeric device id (### ### ###) in the device ID field. This form also requires submitting a TeamViewer log file, which I did.

    The "commercial use suspected" form asked for a  "TeamViewer ID",  and wanted the numbers as well. This doesn't make much sense, since the numbers identify a particular computer. I now have two blocked computers, I'd like to get them unblocked at the same time.

    The two forms actually have different purposes, The first one talks about the commerical use messages we've been seeing, and promises a response in 7 days. The second one talks about an expired trial period, something to do with the options selected when installing TeamViewer, and says a response may take up to 30 days.

    I've now submitted both forms, so we'll see what happens.I really thought the second form was just a different version of the first, but failed to read carefully, due to frustration over trying to figure out what the first form wanted.

  • Gailon85
    Gailon85 Posts: 1
    I also started having this issue as of today. I don't use the software commercially. I use it strictly on my personal computers.
  • Found this link. But yes its frustrating getting that message. I get that people need to pay for corporate use, but its frustrating for home users having to deal with paranoid bots assuming corporate use. Properly check before blocking I'd suggest.

  • SteveP666
    SteveP666 Posts: 8

    Just popped up today.  No idea why commecial use would be suspected.  I use it to connect to PC's and a laptop in my house.  Occasionally use it to troubleshoot my 88-year-old mother's PC.

    Also having trouble with the form.  It wants to see "affected teamviewer ID."  I'm putting in the computer name in the "my computers" list, but keep getting "Please enter your device id as it appears in your TeamViewer client."

    Great service when it was working.  Don't know what to do if I can't even submit the request form.

  • SteveP666
    SteveP666 Posts: 8

    @MaGiiK wrote:

    I filled out the form, and after a week I was good to go to connect to my other PC again.

    Do you happen to know what goes in the Affected TeamViewer ID field in the form?

  • musicreporter
    musicreporter Posts: 12 ✭✭

    Apparently TV suspects you are using TV as a commercial account. Go to tech support or HElp on their website and search there for help on explaining your use is personal.

  • I have the same problem today, July 29. I have never used it for commercial use at all. I don't even use it to transfer files, just to control my personal servers remotely. I hope this is just some new bug that they quickly fix, otherwise I guess I'll just have to switch to "Third party product". Luckily, there are alternatives if TeamViewer wants to alienate its user base, but I hope that isn't the case. I understand that they're not making any money from me, but if you claim to offer free software forever under specific conditions, and then kick people off for not following the rules even when they are, it makes you look like a bad company. My 2 cents.

  • sammiam
    sammiam Posts: 1

    What a pain, not sure what's going on... I just switch to a free product... what a shame, I have used teamviewer for years for personal use only, and now it's become a product that I feel is no longer worth all the hassle that I'm having to go through just to use it for my personal use.  I'll just use a remote desktop product to get to my windows machine, and use something other product for getting to my linux servers....  Sad to say, I could never recommend this product for commercial use...

  • Clanks
    Clanks Posts: 1

    i got booted out today but only on one of my computers. and its the one i absolutely need it on because i have no monitor hooked up to it. i think mine got triggered because i just got a brand new macbook so because i have 3 computers on the same account, plus my phone, it probably thinks im using it for commerial purposes

    super annoying, please fix

  • pv7721
    pv7721 Posts: 139 ✭✭

    Heh, just saw this when my TV connection expired: Work flexibly from home for only [removed per Community Guidelines - Do not discuss price]. I guess this is what they were after, after all.

  • bazbsg
    bazbsg Posts: 99 ✭✭

    Oh well. Today I am getting the warning again when i connect to my that PC that I upgrade TV on yesterday.

    it still doesn't cut me off even though it says it will.

    I submitted the form today. Let's see how long it takes. Their message says it will take seven days.

  • DFelten
    DFelten Posts: 1

    Same problem here. My account is mistakenly considered commercial. Please fix this!

  • masm
    masm Posts: 1

    Too much of a hassle to get TV to recognize me as a personal user.

    I have switched to **Third Party Product**. Essentially the same thing as TV and no hassle. 
    Here is how: 

    [Removed as per Community Guidelines.]

    Ending a years long relationship with TV because of this Commercial User Detected issue.

  • I guess, I will follow


  • BobbyMar
    BobbyMar Posts: 1

    I have used this for years to support family and log into my own computers at my home with the same location/IP. 
    Today I got the commercial usage suspected / can only log in for 5 minutes at a time.

    Strange, is there a change in policy?

    Filled in the form and will see what happens

    However it may end.


    Now back to reality, need to do some research on alternatives.


  • Psyllicon
    Psyllicon Posts: 3

    I did NOT receive an email from TV - but while I was doing maintenance on FAMILY computers (my Parents are 'not allowed' to attempt that ,, LOL )

    I received a Pop-Up



    I used the 'Feedback' link to explain to them that I AM PRIVATE

    -- Yes Please,  SnowBallOne -- keep us informed

  • dtmensink
    dtmensink Posts: 1

    I have purchased Teamviewer but now after about 3-5 minutes i get locked out for 10 minutes and I get a message saying that I must upgrade. ?

  • Interestingly - TeamViewer only seems to give me the commerical use warning when I use it from specific locations.

    [removed per Community Guidelines]

    It's a real shame that TV can't be bothered to sort this out - it's a very useful program, but it's becoming increasingly obvious that they don't give a flying **bleep** about free users and, it would seem, don't want us using their software. Maybe there are too many of us and we're using too much of their resources - but you think they might just introduce a "home support" subscription instead of just annoying everyone like this.

  • neyoneit
    neyoneit Posts: 1

    I have wrote an email with proper document which teamviewer staff needed and its more then a year and noone replied.

    I am user with disabilities (wheelchair) and teamviewer helped me a lot connect to my other computers that were not my immediate reach. Teamviewer as a company doesnt care about their users.

    What a shame.

    PS: my email with form teamviewer needed was sent Thu, Jan 24 2018, 3:07 PM

  • To my friends here, the hiding of third party software names is a no-no as you can see from the email I got from TV. So a warning to all "the OVERSEER is watching us all." May you all live long and prosper.

    Hi, tinkerstoys,

    We really appreciate your participation in the forum. :-)

    But, please stick to the User Guidelines  ( and try to discuss TeamViewer only.

    If you are angry, that's ok. But please always be courteous and polite and do not start talking about third party products.

    So, this is the last advice to stick to the guidelines. Otherwise, there can be temporary ban consequences. 

    Thank you very much, and if you have any further questions, please feel free to answer this message. 

    Looking forward to seeing you again participating in the forum.

    Have a great day and a good start into the week.

    All the best,

  • Token
    Token Posts: 1

    Same here, except I am the only one to use TV and I only have a few computers I connect to on rare occasions. Still I keep seeing pop-ups stating that I am using TV like a commercial user.

  • klmr3d
    klmr3d Posts: 1

    TeamViewer definitely has an issue here. I upgraded and that's when the bug started appearing. I was not prompted for "personal" or "commercial" use during the upgrade.

  • bbalzer
    bbalzer Posts: 1

    I've been using TeamViewer to connect from my laptop to my desktop occassionally and as of yesterday I can't connect for more than a few minutes because TeamViewer thinks I'm using it commercially. 

    The only other time I've used TeamViewer is to help my Grandma with her 'computer problems' because she's a few hours away from where I live and driving that far to fix a zoom in problem in Outlook is not fesible and TeamViewer has been great to help her out until lately.

    Is it possible to get my account changed back to personal?  Or do I need to create a new account every so often to prevent this? 

    Please help.

  • haushinka
    haushinka Posts: 1

    I'm having the same issue. I've never used it commercially but I have logged into my home computer to download movies and stuff while at work. I've always done this with no problem but I guess there's some kind of automatic flagging. I'd like to resolve this as it's definitely not used commercially. My company actually uses a competitor for work-related

  • Gmat
    Gmat Posts: 1

    I am having this same exact issue. Just casually have TeamViewer installed to help troubleshoot my personal desktop and its flagging me as commercial license and boots me after less than a minute. How do I go back to personal use?

  • bc2801
    bc2801 Posts: 1

    im having the same issue is only for personal use i login to my computer at home to browse sites that are block on my network at work, and im not using it for commercial use. what is happening why are they doing this i need this issue to be resolved soon. 

  • BigBillSD
    BigBillSD Posts: 3

    I just got **bleep** by TV starting yesterday.  I am traveling in my RV and need to connect to my home pc's to check on the DVR and Blue Iris machines, and occationally my home pc.  Now TV appears to be trying to extort money from me by saying I am a commercial user, of which i am NOT.  Is this a bug or are they having money problems and need to start extorting money from us personal users now? 

    I have used this program for a few years since retiring and traveling in my RV.  Nothing has changed on any of my PCs or laptop, so why did it start yesterday after being on the road for 2.5 months while I am traveling to Alaska?

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