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  • I have been using teamviewer for years, literally to remote into my PC at home to either check on something, or start a update/game while i'm at work. Im in and out within 5-10 minutes, but today I'm flagged as a commercial user?

    How come when everywhere on this website says to submit a ticket it doesn't give me an option to submit a ticket but instead i'm redirected here? Is this Teamviewers way to avoiding helping people?

    Looks like google is the way to go now. 

  • Under the new (2019-Aug) 'detection' program I can no longer connect to my home computer at lunch time because I'm trying to do it from my work PC.   

    TeamViewer GmbH - can you allow outbound connections from a commercial environment as long as we're only using it for personal use?

  • Under the new (2019-Aug) 'detection' program I can no longer connect to my home computer at lunch time because I'm trying to do it from my work PC.   

    TeamViewer GmbH - can you allow outbound connections from a commercial environment as long as we're only using it for personal use?

  • Same thing's happened to me today too - suddenly this morning i'm getting blocked for "Commercial" use, when it's been fine for over a year previously.

    Connecting to my home PC from work, absolutely no work business being conducted via TV (listening to music, organizing photos & music, occasional gaming, etc.), so i'd love to know where this determination is coming from - I suspect the fact that i'm running on Windows 10 Enterprise at work is being used to make a very ill-informed blanket assumption that i'm using the program for work purposes.

  • TV has told me my trial has expired. I've extended it, for now, but that will expire in a week. I've been using TeamViewer for personal since 2013 on the same account and I'd hate to have to make a new account and re-add my PCs. It's possible the reason TV thinks I'm using it commercially is because one thing I do with it is log into my own PC to surf while I'm on my breaks at work.

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    I'm facing the same issue. I only use TeamViewer to access my home PC, to get some College homeworks, to help my mom to do some trick in her games. Or to configure some keyboard problem. But, TeamViewer insistis to block my access.

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    I do not have the commercial use detected message but I cannot use TeamViewer for more than 30 seconds (all of a sudden). It worked yesterday just fine. 



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    Did you ever get any love from TeamViewer? I'm stuck in the same morass and hating it.


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    I have the same problem. I have been loyal to TeamViewer for years and made sure to recommend the service to commercial interests, but now I'm rethinking that loyalty as TeamViewer has made life unbearable with the commercal use detected and less than 5 minute session timeouts. 

  • Hate it now.  Between popups and terminating my connections saying I am using it commercially when I am just using it to access my personal computers at home while on the road.  Definitely going to find something different and recommend everyone else to do the same.  Now this message errors out LOL


  • I would need it for only 5 mins anyway, but keep getting kicked off after one minute and getting errors trying even post this msg. So **bleep**, how do we have this problem in 2019? 

  • I’m having same problem. In addition, I keep getting tagged as commercial user while I only access family members. Whatever algorithm they are using to seek out commercial users is useless. If they intend on getting rid of the personal use version, it would be better to just say so rather than angering them so much that they will leave.
  • I keep getting the same message stating.its commercial usage being detected but I've never used it for anything but personnel.  Is there a competitor that offers another solution? 

  • I’m having the same issue being flagged as commercial use when I’ve only used it personally. Anyone find an alternative?
  • this has happened to me as well. so frustrating.. it doesnt even stay connected for 5 minutes. i started moving to google remote desktop, an extension for google chrome.


  • Hey I've been using TeamViewer for a couple years now to remote into my school computer when im at my apartment, I tried remotting in today but I got the message that "I've been using it for commercial use and one of the acounts needs to get a license". I was wondering is that considered commercial use? I love teamviewer and wouldn't mind paying for a license but do they have any rates for college students? **Please do not discuss price** just a little to high for me right now! 

  • Czech Republic ->

    [translated by moderator using online translator]


    When I want to connect to one of the computers under my ID **Please do not post email addresses** from my mobile device, the application says that this ID is probably used for commercial purposes and that the session will be terminated in 5 minutes. Then it even freezes for some time. What should I do? I use Teamviewer exclusively for private purposes.

    Díky Michal

  • That's exactly how I use TV, for a computer without a monitor.  Looks like I'll be switching to a different third party software as I no longer want to use this product after the botched up job they did with this tagging as commercial use policy. 


    They must have had new management come in and ruin their company.  I know I'll never pay again for this dis-service

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    I tried uninstall and install 4 times 2 days ago to see if I could get it to work.  I also cleared the registry.  We tried to connect after I did all that work and would you believe it I found I was back up and running as a personal user.

    Maybe coincidence or maybe someone at support finally did something.  i have heard from anyone but its good that my friend and i can communicate properly once more.


  • weeks ago i connected my friend pc then i got limit. when i connect my self pc 1 min later connection is out, 10 min later i can connect. personel use verification page not working pls help me. i cant send log file...

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    Hello @Phinley12 , @WB4IUY ,

    thanks for posting in the Community, Welcome! :)

    Please remember that there can be cases where TeamViewer incorrectly detects commercial use and limits your connectivity even though you don't violate the license conditions. Please fill out the form and our support team will help you further. This form is the only way to reset your ID.

    For more information please read:

    Best, Alena

    Spanish Community Moderator :)

  • Why all of the sudden is connecting from my work computer to my home computer now considered a commerical usage? I've been using teamviewer since **third party product** switched there service around this way.

  • The reason why you got that is not the device you are connecting to but, the network that you are on to connect to it.  It did not like my synagogue's network and it did not like the public library network.  You have to fill out a form on Teamview's website.


    I want to know if they are going to add a feature to the software to allow it to show the status of the tickets.

  • To the tech guys, is there a way to see the status of the tickets?

  • Hi there, 

    I'm not sure how to open an issue thus I choose to ake here. 

    I'm an academic Ph.D. candidate, and just received an alert about commercial usage. However, I'm now traveling in the university (with the wifi of eduroam) and I tried to connect my server in the lab (also another academic IP). My purpose is all about personal stuff and research stuff (I assume research is not part of commercial). Is there any way you can remove my alert since you can definitely check the range of IPs I used for both sides?

    Best wishes, 

  • Same... I only recently started getting Commercial Usage alerts after using the product for years on three personal laptops.  No business use at all.  Something is up.

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    Same here.   Many years of use in my home.    I filled out one of the 'commerical use' feedback forms and received an email to follow up  here in the community forum.   
    If I am posting this to the incorrect location please let me know.   Thanks in advance!  -Gerry

  • Hi there,

    Thanks for replying and sharing your situation!

    May I know where you submit the form?

    Best wishes,


  • Same for me. Now I'm locked out of my server for 20 minutes because "immediate reconnects" are blocked without a license. This needs to get fixed ASAP.

  • why teamviewer disconnect when i share my this blog  in message