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Commercial use - Connection time out



  • rchaud
    rchaud Posts: 3

    Can someone post a link to that form mentioned?  Is this where i can appeal the "commercial use detected" warnings?

  • MJAarons
    MJAarons Posts: 4 ✭✭

    I agree that it would be nice to get an answer.  However, I fear that Teamviewer is sending people on a fool's errand in trying to get their personal use re-enabled. 

    Has anyone successfully completed their form and had their personal use re-enabled?  To date, I know of no one that has been successful.  I would love to hear back from anyone who was successful and learn what, and how long, it took to do so.

    Best of luck.

  • A couple of months ago I put through the formal request to be re-enabled.  It was approved. It worked once, or maybe twice.  Then the "commercial use suspected" started up again.

    Honestly, there's no reason to stay on TV for any private individual using it for informal personal use.  There are other solutions. 

    It would seem appropriate to report them for false advertising.  Alternatively a class-action suit, but since we haven't paid anything, we haven't been defrauded of cash.  Only time.

  • Steve-in-FL
    Steve-in-FL Posts: 27 ✭✭

    @MJAarons wrote:

    Has anyone successfully completed their form and had their personal use re-enabled?  To date, I know of no one that has been successful.  I would love to hear back from anyone who was successful and learn what, and how long, it took to do so.

    Yes. Search for my posts in this topic and you will find a long-ish explanation of what I did. I was unblocked on all 13 IDs that I use, about 4-6 weeks ago. Have not been reblocked since.

    Some people have had good luck and success.


  • rchaud
    rchaud Posts: 3

    Thanks but i had found it right after I posted.

    Right now my account locks up after 5 minutes of use and i have to wait about 10 minutes before i can connect again.  


    i dont know what i did that could be interpreted as COMMERCIAL use. Only thing i could think of is me sometimes connecting to my home PC from my work office on my company's network which goes through a proxy. I also sometimes use my perosnal laptop on my work network when i'm doing my homework

  • HI, im using the personnal team viewer  in between my 2 computer.. it always work great but now when im log in it said commercial use, it will be disconnected in 5 minute.. i didnt click or use it commercial.. what can i do do make it run back again without the message and they disconnecte me every 5 minute..


    Thank you 

  • Steve-in-FL
    Steve-in-FL Posts: 27 ✭✭

    @rchaud wrote:

    Right now my account locks up after 5 minutes of use and i have to wait about 10 minutes before i can connect again.  

    I don't know what differences might exist, but when I was blocked, I got the commercial pop-up, but I was connected with no time limit. The next time I tried to connect, it would say something like "you have to wait 10 minutes." But no session I ever was connected on was time limited.

    This is different from what others have seen. No idea why.

  • I think that they USED to have competent people working on their service.

    They probably have hired some goody-two-shoes that have really messed up their service and they always assume comercial useage and are having so many problems that they can't handle all the requests.

    I have one of my machines flagges (after YEARS of personal use), and they can't determine what it's use is, but they CERTAINLY had no problem flagging it! and are taking forever to switch it back to personal use.

    I filled out the form on line and they couldn't confirm it's use, so I was emailed a form to fill out and email back, to PROVE TO THEM that I was using it for personal use.

    Let's see how LONG THIS TAKES! once they get through the thousands of false flags that someone has created!

    Someone needs to get FIRED!!!!

  • I think the best way to deal with it is to [removed per Community Guidelines].  I have a Christian Radio hobby radio station on the Internet and they have flagged me again for suspected "commercial use."  Very frustratiing and also disconcerting to know that evidently, they are snooping inside my computer.

  • At the risk of angering the Community Gods...

    Yes, I have seen that this issue has been raised many times before, but I don't know what else to do but to post this. I submitted this form: On 9/17/2019, I recieved an email that stated: "After reviewing the information provided to us, we were unable to confirm that the submitted ID is being used privately.". So, on 9/23/2019 I submitted a signed "Unblock Request Form" to [email protected] I still have not recieved any response. What else do I need to do to get my ID unblocked? Also, is it possible to use the same "Unblock Request Form" to unblock all of my IDs? Thanks!

  • I gave up. There are plenty of other remote utilities out there that can do this job without treating me like a criminal.

    The sad thing is that I am a longtime user and I have offered TeamViewer numerous times to pay a small fee for their service. It was a quality product and I feel people should be paid for their work. But the pricing on their commercial license is just ridiculous for someone who uses this at home for personal use.

    [removed per Community Guidelines]

    In theory, there's no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.
  • MJAarons
    MJAarons Posts: 4 ✭✭

    What is the other remote viewing product you switched to? 

    I don't see there is any issue for you to name it here.  After all, it is not like TV is going to lose any revenue from its non-paying customers.  

    TV is definitely on a mission to shed all of its "free" non-commerical users.  Evidently a change in philosophy from sr. management.  It is a shame they don't have the integrity to actually just come out and tell people they are getting rid of non-commercial (i.e., free) use.  Instead they have embarked on this campaign of game-playing.

    My understanding is that the company is under dire financial stress and is preparing itself for sale.  Loads of non-paying users are not attractive to prospective buyers.  



  • If you go back through the thread, you'll see that any competitors names are blocked out. Just search for other remote utilities and you'll find it, I'm sure. Although the one I'm using is Windows only.

    In theory, there's no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.
  • Because if you are just trying to thin the ranks of Free Users, or just frustrate good honest people you make as little information as possible available to those same good and honest people. Its called not having the guts to say something like "We no longer want free users" maybe their paying customers are getting the same treatment.
  • I suggested to them many times that they have a personal use license. I'd be willing to pay a nominal fee. It's a good product, and I don't expect goods and services for free. But the pricing on the commercial license is outrageous for a home user.

    In theory, there's no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.
  • For all those experiencing this issue, can we start looking into alternatives and list them here? I found the one below:

    • **Third Party Product**

    **Third Party Product** was supposedly written by former TeamViewer employees who decided to develop their own product. So far i find it to work particularly well for my needs.

  • No, we can't. TeamViewer doesn't allow mentioning of third party products on their forums.

    There are many other remote utilities and remote desktop software options though. I found one that is great for windows users, that I'm sure you'll be able to find with a quick search using some of the terms I just mentioned.

    In theory, there's no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.
  • If this is read by any of the teamviewer developpers, please consider going back to elementary school to learn some basic algebra, such as calculate to 5. Omitting the "commercial use suspected" repeated warning on an already unblocked computer, the limit is never 5 minutes, usually under a minute, which is also clearly reported by TV at the end of the session.

    Dear Teamviewer company, while you have had an initial advantage, and you still hold one when it comes to the solution, many other products have started to go your way and are getting better fast. Your product, while still superior, is overpriced and your attitude arrogant and your knowledge of mathematics is just ridictulous. Please try to rethink employment strategy for your developpers...

  • As the subject says, I'm still getting the commercial use false flag even after contacting teamviewer and them telling me they made a mistake and removed the flag from my account. Took them about a week to reply back, but they said they idenitified that it was a false flag and that it had been corrected.

  • And where they can write? They hide their contacts, Without a bottle of **I like TeamViewer**, their contacts are difficult to find. Please write here the contact service for the removal of the flag on commercial use.

  • I am new in my position at work and have the use of my predecessor's computer. This person used up the trial version to remote access their computer at home leading to the expiration of the free trial linked to this computer. I have no need to remote access other computers, but an unexpired free trial allows companies that have a team viewer subscription to log in to my new work computer to help with programming and tech support issues. However, because my predecessor ran out the free trial, I am having to turn to less trustworthy remote access apps to have tech support help me with the programming issues.

    Is there any way to reset the free trial related to my computer's mac address because it was not being used the way it was supposed to at the fault of my predecessor?

  • laknox
    laknox Posts: 10 ✭✭

    Using TV 14 for PERSONAL USE ONLY, but TV keeps popping up the Commercial Use Detected box and is now even opening a tab on my browser to get me to try and buy.  I have filled out and submitted the affidavit stating that I use this for personal use on TWO occasions for the two systems that I use it on.  My home system and my dad's system.  I only use this to "keep in touch" with my home system while I'm working at my dad's house.  I do NOT do any paid troubleshooting for anyone and only rarely log in from my home to my dad's system and that's usually just to check something like a message that will pop up or to grab family pics or docs off his system.  This is MAYBE 4-5 times a year, if that.  NOW, I can log in, but then get timed out after only 60 seconds and then made to wait about 30 minutes before I can log back in.  This is getting real old, real fast.  If TV's techs can' t differentiate between someone who's logged in for a few hours, but is moving almost zero data and someone that's logged in for the same amount of time and is moving megabytes, then something's wrong.  I also have never been contacted after submitting what amounts to sworn affidavits of personal use to confirm or deny my use.  I like TV, and have used it for a number of years, but there =are= alternatives.  If TV's bottom line is suffering that much that they need to start hassling the free users, then maybe they should just go 100% pay only.

  • The same here: i use teamviewer on 2 home PCs, 1 personal laptop and 1 android smartphone.

    And Teamviever drop my sessions after few minutes :(

    "Commertial use suspected" blabla..

    In fact, i have access to company enterprise account with lot of free licenses, and if i wanted to, i shall use it without problems.. In my case - i suffer because i DONT use TV illegaly.

  • Just discovered that TV only suspects my laptop.  My desktop, iphone and ipad all work without interruption.  Hope they don't go after those as well.  Just helped out my 88 year-old mother with a problem with her PC using TV.

    Gonna check the alternatives someone posted.

  • Despite using as public-use, I am constantly flagged for commercial-use for helping friends and family. My mom has an eye-disease which prevents her from always being able to read so I connect to her computer, frequently, to help her read, or use the magnifier if it isn't that bad on a certain day.

    My old neighbor who is nearing 80 years old, I stay in touch with him - he is a friend. I help him from time to time with computer problems and accept no payment, ever. Personal use.

    The most recent time I was flagged was when I was trying to connect to GIFTEDSLIM-PC, my moms computer ( given to us by her ex-husband, also a family friend, as he doesn't use computers anymore and it was better than her old one ) blocked me from connecting for 20 minutes while she writhes in pain trying to read without me. This has gone on too many times - PLEASE FIX IT.

    The same neighbor purchased a device which had teamviewer pre-installed. I am not an employee of the company that sold it to him, nor am I an employee of the company of the product. I connected to help him but my connection was cut off after 3 to 5 minutes with TV claiming I was using it commercially, when I have never, nor will ever, receive payment from him. I am helping him as a friend, for free..

    Another situation - I help a lot of people on my own discord, or other servers, if I see they are having problems - FOR FREE... If they have an issue with a game, configuration of their computer, viruses, etc... I also tutor hundreds of students, and if they have trouble installing the necessary tools to learn - I help them... ALL FOR FREE.

    Yet I am constantly being flagged and told to wait before I can reconnect. When I reconnect, if the device times out a single time within the first 10 seconds of connecting - I am told I must wait for up to an hour before being able to reconnect.

    I have a broken neck, back and severe nerve damage. I do what I do for mental health preservation but by blocking me from being able to help, you are hurting me.

    -Josh Acecool
  • But doing that means I have to somehow get my family member, with an eye-disease, to read off a code they are unable to read, along with a password they are unable to read...

    Unattended access is the only way I can help my family members with this eye disease. It seems Teamviewer doesn't support the disabled community.


    I can not disable unattended access to 'resolve' the issue of this software bug, or attack by TV against disabled individuals and good, honest, people who help others for free.

    -Josh Acecool
  • How do you submit a support ticket? For me I am redirected to the community page and can't find the support ticket page at all...

    -Josh Acecool
  • I wouldn't say 'great'. The software is usable, and has a good UI. But, because it isn't built into the OS, it can't easily emulate things - meaning much more data has to be sent...


    With Remote Desktop, built into Windows, there is 0 delay on your screen. If you launch an app, it responds instantly because it gets emulated on your local machine and that's what you see - and as long as you have a connection to the client - they will see the same. Some other data must be networked, but not near as much as TV does because teamviewer seems to network a movie, essentially.. instead of capturing windows, networking them individually, along with the background, then simulating other events - which would be a faster way to do things.

    -Josh Acecool
  • Well, I always used the VPN connection from TeamViewer and then Remote Desktop. Best of both worlds.

    Before TV decided I was a criminal and couldn't use their software anymore.

    However, as I have said repeatedly now, there are other remote utilities for Windows that you can find with a simple search. One of which is frankly better than TeamViewer in every way and allows Remote Desktop connections. And seems faster and more stable, at least so far.

    In theory, there's no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.
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