Commercial use - Connection time out



  • ClaudioCiav
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    I have this problem by some days:image.png

    But I don't use TeamViewer free license for commercial activities.

    Why did it success?



  • bazbsg
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    @tdc4266 Assuming you are not facing the problekm that this threa is about, Commercial Use Detected, there is a timeout after three hours on the free version. Unfortunately it's not three hours of inactivity, but three hours of connection, because it will cut you off while you are doing something or while a file is being transferred. You should be able to reconnect immediately.

  • Tkhan2020
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    Is it time now to start looking for an alternative to TeamViewer? I am using this between my mac and my pc, most of the time they are on the same network and router, at times i am out and about and want to access my PC at home. So this is not really a commercial use but a personal use. Since few weeks TM has started asking me tpo up grade to a full paid plan! 39£ / month!

    So what can i do to use this as a free version. If not then i'll be move off TM for good, probabaly not the only one.

  • katieleigh2020

    When I try to use teamviewer now, the session closes out after 2 minutes. That is not nearly enough time to get anything done. What happened? How can I get the regular sessions back? 

    Is it just me or has teamviewer gotten so much worse lately? 

  • Carlos_Sosa
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    I use TeamViewer once in a blue moon. Maybe half a dozen times a year. Usually to help my (three-member) family. 

    Now it assumes I'm using it "commercialy", there's no way to contact support unles... I pay the commercial version. 

    There's no way I'll pay this much to connect a couple times a year. So I guess TeamViewer decided "*** all the users" and I should just move to one of the other dozen free alternatives and stop recommending it?

  • Stephen23492
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    I dont have a subscription - I'm a free user, but I want to delete my account as I've given up with this product and I'm now using a different tool which is much better for infrequent user like me.

    Can anyone point me to the process to remove my account and completely delete my details from teamviewer systems?


  • kwilleke
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    You use Windows ? Windows 10 ?

    1)UninstallTeamviewer ;

    2)Search the harddisk(s) for "teamviewer" and delete all Windows can find;

    3)Now carefull : start "Regedt32.exe" as Administrator. Export the complete registry. Search the Registry for "teamviewer" and delete the entries or values. ... But as I said : be carefull and do this only if you have any idea about what you are doing and you know how to import the "old" registry . Otherwise leave the Registry alone, please, and do only 1 + 2

  • TLMurray
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    Many posts just say the problem is here,  but for myself I did a bit of digging. I've used TeamViewer to access only one other computer --- maybe one other person, once -- in years. I sent in the paper form Jan 17 but have not heard back. Anyway, I might have some theories about this.

    Since the end of July I have had one Mac stolen, received two defective replacements, and then this one I am on now. I wonder if thse old Macs added devices that are no longer and TeamViewer thinks I have several Macs with the same serial.

    Even this one has an issue and is soon to be replaced, so is there a URL where I can remove even this device? I saw a page to remove devices, but I can't for the life of me remember the URL.

    Another tidbit is that I scanned the log file and saw this:

    [Removed by a Moderator due to Community Guidelines]

    I have no idea where the master is or what it is, so all I can guess that because I've been through four Macs in the last four-something months (and even more earlier, counting my ex-wife tossing one down the stairs, and others), that the service is looking way back at an installation long ago.

  • Marecki1121
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    Hey i have problem just like in this topic.
    Yesterday just only on one device when i try connect to other comp i see i have 5 min per connect but its end after 56sec.

    I use free license.

    I never see this before, how i can fix it ?

  • Raidenko
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     This started a few days ago and won't go away. It pops up a message that I am using it for commercial purposes and makes me wait 10 minutes to reconnect. I am not using it for commercial purposes, I am trying to fix a problem on a family members computer. 

  • shebvon
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    I uninstalled Team Viewer several times.  I deleted my company several times. 

    I logged out of my account several times. 

    I cannot get into the free version.

    Please reoslve .



  • betyarr
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    approximately 2 weeks ago the teamviewer started to warn me that I use the program for commercial use and in a few minutes it will break the connection.I don't know why TW does it,I use the program for personal use: there are some old people in my family to whom I often give help with their computer.

    how can I let TW support to know that I don't use the software commercially and stop warning me?

  • BrianKewai
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    I am not using TeamViewer on the aforementioned device for
    - Connecting to a device at work
    - Providing support to colleagues
    - Providing support to customers
    - Monitoring and administering devices in a commercial environment
    - And other activities that are directly or indirectly paid
    I am aware that the TeamViewer GmbH is entitled to block my device completely in case of
    detected/verified abuse.

    i have a question, if i use teamviewer to help random guy to install a game/ fix bug that doesn't allow to play a game well; specifying that i'm not a developer or a support member of that game (I'm practically one who just plays with it). also not gaining anything
    am i "Providing support to customers"?

  • rfreeman779
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    For a company that wants to sell their services, TeamViewer is proving itself as incompetent and not worthy of doing business.

    They have repeatedly been shutting out my main ID or remote computer for six months.

    I just received another email, after carefully providing their WRITTEN AND SIGNED AND SCANNED document and explaining what was going on, and they replied that the ID has been reset to FREE.


    Any suggestions.  I'm starting to believe that I am dealing with a company that it either illiterate in English, or just simply does not care enough to check behind themselves and actually follow through a set of detailed instructions.

    In the meantime, I am having to splash with top program for hobby access to my computer as T-View will only connect for a few seconds and the commercial use flag appears.


  • ZHwan
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    I use teamviewer very well. But it continues to end with commercial use.
    I use it to play computer games remotely. Is this a commercial use? I hope this solves your problem.
    Thank you

  • wireproof
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    I've had the same issue! I've requested a reset and they claimed to have "reset my account to free" but immediately got the commercial use detected once again! I've had to resort to **Third Party Product** just to do anything basic but it's not as good as TeamViewer. I've been using TeamViewer for years without an issue, and often check my computer when I'm at the store, on vacation, or even in the bedroom! I don't even own a business let anyone have any affiliation with a business besides my own day job but I couldn't even use TeamViewer for work even if I wanted to! So frustrating with 200,000,000 users you could figure out how to fix your broken system. 

  • zinokkk
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    im on a holiday in australia and accessing my computer from different airbnbs and now my licence got restricted.

    how can i use it again?

    best regards,


  • Retrograde
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    I had ready been cleared and they flagged  me again. This is crazy. 

  • akapepe
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    I have had this issue and I have filled out everything they have asked and I still get the message. I feel they might be trying to do away with the free service. Also, what do they consider to be a commercial business?  

  • Bonzadog
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    I now regularly use a VPN (may change location).

    Was this the reason why my non-commercial activity was regarded as commercial and blocked? .


  • javascriptvoid

    I keep getting timed out for commerical use, when i have never used it commerically.   I have 3 different systems I have used it on to connect to for personal projects and no of them are servers, or anything like that.  I just dont want to physicaly be in 3 places all the time. 

    Found another topic but everytime i go to try to submit a ticket it send me back to here.  I cant get support or submitt a ticket.   

    Somehow it thinks i am using this comericaly and that incorrect.  

    So how can you get support when everytime i click submit a ticket it sends me to community, and back around in the circle again.

  • phatent
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    it seems like we as the free user base not using it commercially is planned to be a paid user base as there is no support for the "free" user for non commercial use. I was born in Germany not far from HQ of TV and I was told on the phone that I should write into here but if there is no avial what purpose does it have when no rep no tech support and basically no one from TV team actually gets back.. I submitted the hard copy form with my personal signature I think a month ago or even more and have not even got a: "hey thanks for your effort sending in the form we´ll get back to you in 24 hours, 72 hours, a week, 3 months, 6 month or go **bleep**en buy a license as we do not want free users to be" response... any of those would do for me... I am considering to move on as the way I am treated for a user that practically used TV from launch or close after I feel that me being accused is not in the right place... It happened once already which went fine as I wrote an e-mail, they responded (wonders happen) and I was set back to free licence again... that was 5 or 9 odd years ago.... the company is in business sind what 2005??? I think I started uing it shortly after... around 2006.... but long story short, don´t count on too much help if at all... I am slowly starting to give up on TV and the company... it is a great product but there are alternatives just as good apperantly.... 



  • arruga
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    I had a case which was closed but problem isn't resolved yet.
    The case is #33143914

    After assessing my situation, TeamViewer replied: "Your TeamViewer ID has been reset to free"

    However, I still cannot use it on my laptop.
    As soon as I sign in, immediately I get a "trial version expired" message, before even attempting to connect to any machine.
    Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't do anything
    It's as though my account is frozen in the "trial expired" state and the reset you mentioned hasn't taken place.

    Now I can't even raise a new ticket as I'm not a licensed user.
    How do I free my machine?

  • joergent
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    in particular § 5 Irreführende geschäftliche Handlungen

    I have trusted the marketing statement that for private use, the TV program is free of charge.

    This is not true. After complaning about incorrect blocking due to Commercial Use, I have now been limited to 1 minute sessions, which makes the Teamviewer program totally worthless.

    The statement about free private use is thus a criminal statement in contradiction to Gesetz gegen den unlauteren Wettbewerb (UWG) §5 in Germany and similar marketing laws in other countries.

  • DanMor
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    I called the phone, but it's not answering.

    I posted the message via form of unblocking for uncommercial use, and marked checkbox on the form "Quote to email". But didn't get any answer nor quote to email. Did you get my filled form? Could you please check?

  • Iankett01
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    I have the same problem, and would like to find out how to explain to TeamViewer why I believe I am definitely a "Personal Use" user.

    I have only 2 laptops in my house (registered with TeamViewer) plus now, as well as my elderly (96 year old) mother's old Win 7 desktop PC, a new Windows 10 based laptop, which I am going to transfer her usage across to, as I can teach her to adjust to the differences.  In fact, I virtually never use TeamViewer (as wonderful as I know it is) except to keep a check on how my dear old Mum is going.  We live in country Australia, some 50 kms apart, and mum lives alone. Any help greatly appreciated.  Iankett

  • johnzageek
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    @Bonzadog wrote:

    I now regularly use a VPN (may change location).

    Was this the reason why my non-commercial activity was regarded as commercial and blocked? .


    Not likely. Teamviewer in and of itself is a VPN baqsed app. Multiple VPN connections can certainly gum up the works. But teamviewer uses what would seem, a fairly overactive polling system <client <---> server> to validate the apps usage.

  • Bonzadog
    Bonzadog Posts: 28 ✭✭

    Then why and how does teamviewer "know" whether I am using a free version commercially or not?

    What must I do to stop this happening again -- the reassignment to non-commercial took a long time.

    I have been falsely classified as commercial although I am using Teamviewer  for my own home computers. It took a long time to get reaccepted as a private user and I switch to **Third Party Product** - which I find just as good as TeamViewer. I cannot trust Teamviewer since I think the commercial check is error prone.

    I hope this get sorted out.....


  • johnzageek
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    If you are just helping a friend with something on their system, that is not a violation of Teamviewer TOS.
  • Bonzadog
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    @johnzageek wrote:
    If you are just helping a friend with something on their system, that is not a violation of Teamviewer TOS.

    I was not even outside my local WLAN. That is what surprised me when I got falsely
    Charged with being commercial. I still think  VPN had something to do with it.