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Old version download for 15.2 is not available, and what's the latest compatible version for OS X 10

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I have got an old Mac whose latest compatible operating system is up to 10.11 El Capitan. I noticed that the highest compatible version for El Capitan is 15.2 on Which operating systems are supported?, however, I didn't find where the 15.2 version is for downloading. The article says here is for downloading, but only 14, 13, 12, 11 and 10 is available, no 15.2

Is 15.2 version available on the official website?

In addition, I downloaded the TeamViewer of 15.2 from other website  on a new Mac. Atfer installing on the new Mac I just directly copied the TeamViewer of 15.2 to that old Mac, but still could not be opened:

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 9.38.46 PM.png

Hopefully the reason was that it was from other website, not official website. Otherwise it still won't run on El Capitan even though TeamViewer of 15.2 is available on official website.

Is the latest compatible version of TeamViewer on El Capitan really 15.2?


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  • MacMind
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    FYI: One little trick I just found out is you can download and install version 14, then, from WITHIN the version 14 application, click on the menu option for check for updates, and it will download (as of today 1/3/22) version 15.2.2756, NOT anything newer which is great, as it will work correctly, with the older OS versions. I was not easily able to find it myself, as the direct links download the NEWEST version of the 15 family, but don't make it easy to find the 15.2 that we needed.