Where can I download older TeamViewer versions? 

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This article applies to all users in all licenses.

    TeamViewer versions older than version 10 are not available for download under our download section on the website. Please be aware that we highly recommend to use the latest version as older versions are not supported and updated anymore. 

    If you require an older version as you might still own a license or are more likely to use a previous version, please find all available modules for older versions under the following links.

    Learn more about the different TeamViewer versions and how each version of TeamViewer has helped people solve new challenges in the workplace: TeamViewer all versions

    You can of course also download our latest version and benefit from all the new features: TeamViewer 13 

    Note: Please keep in mind that you might need to update your license to TeamViewer 13 as well when using TeamViewer 13.


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