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    Same for me. Using TV in a home environment, then getting a popup that my connection will be limited to 5 minutes (which would be kind of okay-ish), but then I get kicked after 1 minute and are unable to reconnect.

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    I am home thanks I am a

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    I have used Teamviewer since years and somehow I was recently marked as non free user.

    I used Teamviewer to help my parent, my gf or my friend with their laptops.

    After being marked I cannot help them anymore since the sessions only last couple minutes.

    Is there any way to get my free license back?


    Thanks in advance

  • Michios
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    I took bad version for comercial user no for free user. Please change me this licesne.

  • 2U1C1D3
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    Hallo zusammen!

    Ich nutze TeamViewer unter Ubuntu 18.04 als 64bit-Version. Installiert habe ich derzeit aus dem deb-Package 15.3.1682, welches aktuell zum Download angeboten wird.

    Nach dem Verdacht der kommerziellen Nutzung habe ich um Reset der Sperre gebeten und das wurde auch durchgeführt. Seitdem kann ich über den Browser oder über mein Smartphone wieder auf alle meine IDs zugreifen. Nur die Linux-Installation auf meinem Desktop hat den Reset nicht verarbeitet. Hier wird mir nach wie vor angezeigt, dass der Verdacht auf kommerzielle Nutzung besteht.

    Die ID meines Linux-Rechners ist selbstverständlich auch mit meinem Konto verknüpft in dem sich mein Smartphone befindet und auch über das ich den Webzugriff durchgeführt habe.

    Ich habe bereits versucht den TV restlos vom System zu entfernen. Nicht nur über apt-get, sondern auch die überbleibenden Ordner welche mir find im Zusammenhang mit TV angezeigt hat.

    Kann mir jemand sagen woran das liegt? Wo hier noch Dateien versteckt sein könnten? Oder gibt es hier ein Procedere welches mir Tante google noch verschwiegen hat?

    Danke, Stefan

  • neptune
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    So, I've put in my request to go back to the free versionin mid February.  Sent in the additional form on March 4, and STILL have not been restored.  Why in the world does this take so long, and why doesn't anyone respond?????  Customer service for TV is absolutely horrible!

  • Brianof9
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    Ive been using TV for w while now and i have found that when I try to connect to my daughter laptop when she is in Hawaii, I keep getting disconnected because of a slow internet connection. The same thing happens to my brother in Vegas.  Now...if i try to reconnect after being connected for 30 secs i then cant reconnect for 15 min.   Teamviewer has removed the flag several times, but now I cant even use Teamviewer to remote into a computer at my home for the same stupid problem.  I'm not understanding why i keep getting flagged for this.  I reached out to teamviewer several times and now i get no responce.  If my family didnt need my help i would not even think about using teamviewer anymore.  This is so **Bleep**. i've tried to call for support, but i keep getting hung up on.  Any suggestions on how to get someone for help to fix this?

  • Bonzadog
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    This is a nervy "Never Ending Story". I fail to see why Teamviewer is pursuing this course, but as I wrote before, I assume a rather new manager came out this gem. It is destroying TVs good name and Image. People will look for alternatives. I assume this is exactly what TV wants - cut the freeware...perhaps commercially sensible, but let us have a clean cut then and not this slow death.
  • Retrograde
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    yes everyone that has a personal use account  is getting flagged

  • ffrob2001
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    I submitted a commercial use form almost 2 months ago and I have not got any feedback. Meanwhile, I still cant connect to my moms computer and she has constant issues.  

  • Brianof9
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    I finally spoke to someone from team viewer by calling the sales number for support and they told me that the reason that i was probally flagged is because the internet connect connection of the computer that i'm trying to connect to is probally a commercial internet.  Well...I just thought, arent they all? or were they feeding me bull.  Reason i think so, my daughter does not have internet where shes visiting and so she goes to dennys or the Hotel and uses their wifi, well this is a commercial internet for personal use or at her condo where they provide internet vie Cox Communications or at my other daughters internet in her dorm room is commercial internet.  I even have comcast at home and i get flagged just for logging into my computer at home....the same house. Is that commercial?  So whats the point?  

    I asked the IT guy at my job about this and he said that they are lying about the connection because Domains tells if the internet is business or not. Example (Comcast Business or Comcast residential, Cox Business or Cox residential, WOW Business or Wow residential)  I dont know how they tell, but if my connection is in my home, then its a home internet.  Am i wrong?

  • neptune
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    HELLO TEAM VIEWER, DOES ANYONE ACTUALLY WORK HERE?????   I have done everything you have asked for and still NO response or restoration.  I started this process February 20, then when I was asked to fill out the exemption form, did that on March 4.  Now over a week later from that STILL ZERO RESPONSE.  This thread is full of the same issue and you apparently do not care at all about your customer service.  I have been using this for quite a while now and can't believe the lack of contact and support.  Clearly no one complaining of this issue actually uses TV commerciall because we would all be out of business by now waiting about a month for a response from you.  Why can't you get it together on this issue?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • chuk4ik
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    Got a response to my unlock request. "Your TeamViewer ID has been reset to free TV:**Please do not post TeamViewer IDs**"   But ... the first thing I saw was a message about commercial use and extortion of money.   Nothing changed.


  • Bonzadog
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    I suspect the long delays are deliberate and is a filter to see who really is a non-commercial user for the reason you mentioned. @TeamViewer: Can you please stop this practise and if the free version is to be scrapped then tell us. That is much better than your current practise or release a non-commercial viewer for a reasonable yearly fee. But stop the current TeamViewer non-commercial application policy.
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    The solution does not work after 3 attempts!!! I'm not using commercially whatsoever.
  • orion330
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    I am having same problem. Use Teamviewer to help my family and it thinks I am using it commerically. I am not using it commerically.

    Please advise how I  can fix this issue.


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    @orion330 wrote:

    I am having same problem. Use Teamviewer to help my family and it thinks I am using it commerically. I am not using it commerically.

    Please advise how I  can fix this issue.


    You can't, try reading the comments preceding yours to get s good idea what's going on here

    Sorry to sound harsh but unfortunately it's true.

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    Hi I use a free version program. Even though I don't use the program commercially, I get error that I use it this way and my connection is blocked for some time. The problem arose when I used it to connect to my girlfriend's new computer... 

  • Black_Platypus
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    I really really hope TV will rework this system into something more reasonable.
    At the moment, they're just making life worse for users AND themselves.

    All kinds of babies are being thrown out with the bathwater here.

    What we need is:

    • Less faulty "detection" / more real-life realistic definition of commercial use, to avoid those countless false positives in the first place
    • Dedication to resolving the logged issues. Replying to people. Following through.
    • Once a user gets restored as free, which ever steps led to the initial flagging need to be whitelisted for that user, otherwise it'll just happen again

    I've started a petition on

    Please sign and share. Maybe we can get their attention.

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    Buonasera @Black_Platypus,

    ti rispondo in italiano, dato il link con la petizione che hai riportato è italiano. Il primo suggerimento è quello di evitare di utilizzare espressioni figurative: il destinatario è spesso madrelingua tedesco e difficilmente potrebbe apprezzare/capire la frase del "criaturo buttato con tutta l'acqua del bagnetto".

    Fatta questa precisazione, ci sono due cose che sono difficilmente attuabili rispetto alla tua richiesta. Primo: le politiche di controllo tra uso sospetto e non sospetto sono a totale discrezione del fornitore. Non penso che una petizione possa risolvere. Puoi vedere se nel mercato italiano esistono alternative e mi pare di si.

    Secondo: si tratta di un momento contingente, legato al COVID-19, quello che sta creando disservizi nel fornire risposte tempestive ai quesiti degli utilizzatori. Non mi riferisco esclusivamente a quelli di TeamViewer. Ti posso assicurare che è tutta l'infrastruttura di rete mondiale ad essere sotto stress, dato che in brevissimo tempo è radicalmente cambiato il modo di utilizzare internet. Molti provider hanno venduto in passato connettività alle famiglie sapendo che il loro utilizzo sarebbe stato prevalentamente concentrato nelle ore serali e nei festivi, mentre negli orari lavorativi erano le aziende ad occupare la fetta maggiore della banda. Ora che tutti si collegano da casa e a tutte le ore, potrai ben comprendere quanto il sistema stia cercando di rincorrere e star dietro alla nuova domanda. Si, ci sono stati dei disservizi e continueranno ad essercene nei prossimi giorni, poi piano piano il sistema si assesterà. Questa è una Community e quelli che ti rispondono non seguono spesso la parte commerciale, ma principalmente problemi legati all'utilizzo del prodotto. Se hai avuto un disservizi e sei un cliente, esiste uno strumento per l'apertura dei ticket; anche in questo caso le risposte potrebbero non arrivare nei tempi che ti aspetti, ma da utente pagante hai tutti gli strumenti per rivalerti. Una petizione, in questo senso, non serve; meglio lasciarle per questioni di più ampia portata collettiva.

    Fatte queste due osservazioni, ne aggiungo un'altra. TeamViewer è uno strumento che consente di assistere le persone a distanza; è nato dunque principalmente per risolvere la mission delle teleassistenze. Pensare che collegarsi da casa al proprio pc dell'ufficio corrisponda a lavorare in smartworking è una delle cose che ritengo sostanzialmente assurde. Non è TeamViewer lo strumento per operare in smartworking.

    Sostanzialmente mi dispiace per i disservizi che hai rilevato e ti auguro possano essere risolti nel minor tempo possibile.

    Cordiali saluti

    Domenico Langone

    MCSD: App Builder

  • Black_Platypus
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    Options just gave me the *.it TLD Link to share. I assume it's supposed to be a mnemonic device and a readable, short address ("change it" ->

    I think Google Translate did a good job though.

    I'm German myself, but I think the saying "to throw the baby out with the bath water" is commonplace enough.
    But I appreciate your concern that figurative language should be avoided and I removed that part.

    I know that it's up to TV and their contractors how to go about flagging IDs. But since it's clearly going poorly and they're creating lots and lots of unnecessary work for themselves with the way things are right now, I am strongly advocating for change.

    I hadn't much considered COVID-19's effect here. Thank you for pointing it out.
    However, most of the 99(!) pages this thread has should have nothing to do with that.

    Of course I'm not a paying customer, that's why I'm here. I was looking to see what everybody else's experience was with resolution to the problem, and it did not look great.
    Now I'm trying to see if we can inspire some reconsiderations.

    I don't know what you mean by smartworking, but neither do I have an "office PC", nor do I plan on sitting in a remote session for hours trying to work on my home PC (although I would defend the latter if I had to).
    Currently I'm trying to get some configuration things done and copy some files from home while I live in a rehab facility with my laptop for all but 4 days per month; and in general I have friends and family I'd like to help on an irregular basis.

  • tekkundashi
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    This is getting really annoying. used teamviewer for years with no problem. Now my home main PC gets flagged I can't connect to it for longer than 20 seconds before it kicks me off, I submit a ticket and now my server PC at home gets flagged. What the **bleep** is going on. I've tried submitting the stupid ticket to get it unflagged but nothing happens. Im the only one connecting to my own PCs how is it even flagging it.


  • calypso501
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    Hello, I keep getting a message stating my free account was used for commercial use. I only use Teamviewer to manage my PCs on a local LAN (daughter's PC, etc..) and I help my Auntie who is old and struggles with tech. I filled in a pardoning form to this effect but haven't heard back from Teamviewer for a couple of weeks now so I'm not sure what I should do next. Please advise if anyone can help.

  • shaneags
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    I am disabled and i use teamviewer to control my other computers in my house 

    it is really helpful when I am in bed

    i only use it to control mine 

    can you help please

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    I have been using TeamViewer for Years both when I worked for a community college and in addtion personally.  I retired almost 2 years ago and ever since the use of the product is frustrating.  Support will look at my logs and determine I am in fact only using it personally and it will start working.  Then there is an update that I'm requested to install and after installing it... I no longer have access, no easy way to contact support, and fix the problem.  How can I stop this from happening.  I have a total of 7 computers in my list.  My Windows Desktop, My Windows Laptop, My Mac Desktop, My Wifes Windows Laptop, My Wifes Mac Laptop, My Parents Desktop, and a Friend's Laptop (which I would be happy to remove since I assist her maybe once a year at best because she's a close family friend which we condiser family)... so if anyone can tell me this is commercial use please explain!

  • stabro
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    I'm using Teamviewer to help my dad on remote with his computer, but after upgrading to version 15 I get timeout when I connect to my dad and it says that I'm using it as commercial, but it's strict personal, connecting to him once or twice a year. What should I do to get a free persoanl license without timeout? It has beew working before.

    [personal information removed]




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    I am trying to connect to my pc from my second house and every time i use teamviewer to connect i am getting disconnected after one minute of usage. I use teamviewer for personal usage to connect to my pc but this limit of 1 minute makes my life miserable! Please help me!

    Thank you in advance!

  • MumHelper
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    I used this for the first time today to help my mother out with her new ipad (which replaces her 1st or 2nd generation ipad so is very different) and we kept getting this message. I noticed that I was still able to see her screen but she had a neighbour there who was using facetime on his phone as well so that I could see her screen as well. When the Quicksupport App disconnects I am still able to see her screen but imagine that if we had tried to use the audio feature as well that would have been disconnected. Would I still be able to talk to her via telephone and monitor her screen despite the session saying it had disconnected? I presume I am not able to control her ipad at all or is that incorrect? I will either connect to her from my iphone or my Macbook Air.

  • Kon0105
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    Hello, I am looking for the way to access a laboratory local computer remotely because of Corona Virus.

    I found Teamviewer and knew that this was already installed by anonymous person.

    So, I installed Teamviewer on my Home computer and tried to log on the lab local computer.

    But, I got an message that said me "detected commerical use".

    I don't know why this message popped up.

    In my view, many people are logging on the lab local computer(especically because of corona virus) remotely, so my trial was detected as commerical use.

    In this case, what is the best way to use lab computer remotely?

  • pete666
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    after many attempts including trying to call teamviewer still blocking me and covid 19 trying to help my 80 year old parents

    maybe teamviewer might want to think about sorting this out once and for all

    or how about under the current conditions dropping the blocks altogether...