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Can't log in anymore

I've been using TV for years, and just this afternoon I cannot get past the log in screen. It used to open to the usual screen (the more blue one and not this gray screen) where you typed in your partners ID, password, etc. I've even followed the prompts and verified my email. It never used to do that. I'm running Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6. Any ideas? Thank you.Screenshot 2020-03-19 16.32.57.pngScreenshot 2020-03-19 15.16.15.png


  • VatsilidisVatsilidis Posts: 659 Star

    Hi @beakeriffic 

    This is not something really important. All you have to do is to add the computer to the trusted devices. Here is a How-to-do guide to make it easy. As you can see, the exact same message is in this guide.

    Please pay attention to this comment: 

    • Note: The link in this email is only valid for 24 hours. If the link expires, you will need to sign into your account once more on the new device, so that a new authorization email can be generated.

    Please update with the final results and stay safe

    Best regards

  • DiederikDiederik Posts: 5

    Having tons of login issues too this week.

    I wasn't even able to login yesterday at all whilest I heavily rely on Teamviewer addressbook to support our users.

    My computer is in the trusted devices list and still can't login.

    I tried to call Teamviewer at several phones and nobody pickup, no ticket responses nothing.


    Sometimes am logged in automatically as it should and the other day am logged out and can't login. Saying that I need to replace an existing device while my device is in there!?

  • beakerbeaker Posts: 1

    Yes, that was exactly my issue. I just decided to create a whole new account with a different email address and it worked immediately. I would recommend doing the same if it's feasible. Good luck!

  • DiederikDiederik Posts: 5

    Thanks for the tip!


    I woke up this morning and was able to login, but next time will do your trick.

  • VatsilidisVatsilidis Posts: 659 Star

    Hi @beaker 

    This is not a solution to this, as for security reasons TeamViewer asking you to add your device to the trusted device. The most important is to be secure your account and avoid anauthorized access to anybody else. To follow the way that you described it is like trying to avoid it. The next time it will be asking the same, are you change again and again the account?  

    Please, this is very simple to do it and you don't need to change the email account when this message appears to you. The only you got to do is click to the link on the received email to add this device or this browser as a trusted one, and that's all!

    I hope to transferred to you the importance of this case.

    Thank you and all the best


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