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Accessing Someone Else's Mobile Phone

Margaret31 Posts: 2 ✭✭

Hello. I downloaded the free TeamViewer onto my desktop. I would like to remotely access my brother's Android phone because he needs some help. I tried accessing his Android phone after he gave me the ID, but I couldn't establish a connection.

1)I would like to use my desktop computer to remotely control his smartphone instead of using my smartphone. Can I do this? He already downloaded the TeamView QuickSupport app on his phone.

2)My brother does not have WiFi access, only data minutes. Can we use the TeamViewer or do both parties have to have WiFi access?

Thank you.



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  • Thank you, JeanK, for your response. I will contact my brother again and see if we can connect.
    (My new Username is Margaret311).


  • Hello, Jean. I finally viewed the web pages you gave me. However, I am having some problems.

    1)I would like to remotely control my brother's Android phone so I can troubleshoot problems he has. I would like to do it from my Windows 10 personal computer, not mobile phone. So I need directions on how do remotely control from a PC.

    2)Even if I wanted to use my Android phone to remotely control my brother's Android phone, my brother has a Motorola phone but I have a UNIMAX. I do not see UNIMAX on the list of phones that can be used for remote control. Should I suggest that TeamViewer create a TeamViewer QuickSupport app for this budget phone? 

    Thank you for your response.