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Remote Printing

Teamviewer 15.4, corporate license.

When I remote into the host PC and activate remote printing, It said the driver needed to be installed. I clicked yes to install the printer driver, and then received an error that said “An error occurred while activating the remote printing.  Please try again.”.

How can I reolve this issue?



  • Vatsilidis
    Vatsilidis Posts: 661 Star

    Hi @X1630 

    Have you installed the printer drivers on both sides of the connection before you have selected "activate remote printing" in the toolbar?

    Best regards

  • X1630
    X1630 Posts: 4

    Not on the host side. I'll try that and report back.

  • X1630
    X1630 Posts: 4

    When I try to install the Teamviewer printer on the host system, Iget the following error:

    A problem occured during installation. The Teamviewer printer driver was not installed successfully.

  • Vatsilidis
    Vatsilidis Posts: 661 Star


    I suppose the printer you are trying to install is compatible with the Windows version and not being installed manually avoiding any warning windows. 

    After that have you look at this article about how to enable this feature?

    Please pay attention to every simple detail and if this not work for you, then I would recommend you uninstall the app with removing also the configuration files during the uninstall process, reboot the pc and after that install a fresh version. During installation, you can choose advanced settings and enable the printer driver at the beginning of also.

    Best regards

  • X1630
    X1630 Posts: 4

    I'm trying to install the teamviewer printer driver on the host machine. It will not install. The article does not explain solutions where the driver will not install. Does Teamviewer generate a logfile during the install attempt?

    I have uninstalled and installed Teamviewer numerous times and in different ways. The printer driver install always fails.with the same errror.

  • I'm trying to print a document from my office computer, acessing thru my local pc at home, using my local printer.

    I'm using latest TV version, printer software installed on both sides. Teamviewer printer Activated into the teamviewer top menu.

    When i send the document to my local printer, just get stuck in to the queue without any kind of error (my local print is printing normal if i send any document from my local computer), tried the same thing in 2 different computers, same issue.

    Any guess?

    Followed this guide step by step few times:

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