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Lan was working but not anymore

Hi everyone,

I have weird problem : I use teamviewer to connect from laptop 1 to laptop 2 (old laptop for background tasks) using LAN connection at home. It worked well for a few weeks. But now i can't access laptop 2 from laptop 1 using LAN. However, I can access laptop 1 from laptop 2 with LAN, and I can also access laptop 2 from laptop 1 using non LAN connection.

I set up static IP on both, so it is not the problem.

Do you have an idea why I can not use LAN anymore in one way ? (I tried restarting both laptops and router)



  • Vatsilidis
    Vatsilidis Posts: 655 ⭐Star⭐

    Hi @lgaillet 

    It sounds to me like LAN privileges between the laptops.

    I mean that supposing your laptops has Windows OS, that you could start by make a test for connecting by raising the LAN restrictions to be public LAN and not working or private (this is more restricted). 

    You could also try to connect from one laptop to the other by browsing the network folders, just to make sure that this connection is possible. Is this possible to happen?

    Another good point is to make a LAN IP scan by using one of the free IP-Scanners of the web, just to make sure that the local IPs have not been changed and they are the same you knew.

    Please come back with further results when done.

    Best regards

  • lgaillet
    lgaillet Posts: 2

    Hi ! Thanks for your answer. I checked every thing, parameters of the computer, access, etc... It did not work. However, I just uninstalled team viewer (but keeping parameters), and installed it again and it worked :) (I checked if there were updates before reinstalling, but there were none so I still don't know why it stoped working suddenly)

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