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Mouse and keyboard arent working

Webb1 Posts: 2


I've installed the latest armhf teamviewer-host on an odroid c4 running Ubuntu 20.04 Mate desktop.  

When I connect from my desktop I cant use my desktop's mouse of keyboard to do anything be it move the cursor or click or enter keys. Another weird thing Ive noticed is that the window is blurry for the first 5 seconds of me logging in and then it becomes normal/good resolution. When it goes into screensaver I still cant manipulate it but the cursor will actually fade into the window. 

I've been able to get teamviewer working on other versions of odroid's products (c2 and n2) running 18.04 Mate after running dpkg --add-architecture armhf and apt-get -f install and running apt install libqt5core5a(to install a bunch of armhf qt libraries). The perculiar thing this time was that it installed without me having to run apt-get -f install and the other commands. 

I've checked my teamviewer setting and its set to full access. 

Any idea what the problem could be? Ill also try to include a ziplog in my next post since I cant seem to find an option to attatch it here. 


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  • Vatsilidis
    Vatsilidis Posts: 655 ⭐Star⭐

    Hi @Webb1 

    Did you try to install them in other USB ports?

    Also please make that before and during the connection and see if something changes.

    Best regards