Can't see view dual monitor as individual windows


Before version 15.7.6 I could view duel montors on the remote machine as individual WINDOWS. With this version, it appears that I can only view dual monitors as individual TABS. Below is a screenshot of my configuration. 

Is this a bug or am doing something stupid??


Thanks in advance

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    ????? Thanks @michellepace for sharing your monologue and solution.

    Let me just add that the TeamViewer Community is not a customer support forum. We guarantee neither a response nor a time frame for a response.

    The TeamViewer Community is a user interaction driven Community and, of course, if a staff member/moderator can help, we also provide answers.

    I also noticed that you received answers from us in the previous posts you published. ?

    Anyways, I'm glad you found the answer to your question and thanks again for your valuable content! ?

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  • Hi Jean, thanks for the reply. hooray :). Yes sorry, I didin't mean to imply that I hold the teamviewer staff responsible. Teamviewer is used by... millions? of people around the world. It's just I would expect a more vibrant community. I have an idea... I actually learnt of it from a website which sells powerbi learning courses. They offer a "deal" to anyone who answers I think it is 30 questions on their forum within a certain specific amount of time (vetted answers and of course the questions can't all be easy ones), they give a six month membership away. Just an idea. Anyhow, thank you and cheers! 

  • JeanK
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    @michellepace this is a great idea! ?

    I will bring this up internally and keep you posted if something in this direction is created! ?

    Take care,

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  • JedUK
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    Thanks Michelle. Fixed it for me.