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    I am having the exact same problem; it won't generate the pdf to send to let them know I'm not a commercial user. My mother, whom I am trying to help is also a vulnerable 83 year old who relies on me to help her remotely.  I tried calling their number, eventually got through to a person, who basically said to go to the webpage, I explained that it was hanging at pdf stage, they said go to the Community Page. Can anyone help?!

  • Called Teamviewer but told to go and complete the PDF online.

    Completed the form as requested, but then can not submit the form as it will not accept the Teamviewer ID. Frustrating as **bleep**!

    Again i'm another user who has been wrongly flagged for commercial use. very disappointing.

    @Bebbspoke wrote:

    I am NOT a "Commercial User" - TV falsely identified me as such & cut off my communications to a User who is medically considered to be a "vulnerable person" I have made sevberal attempts to convey my angst to TV but am thwarted by the "generate .pdf" stage - the system hangs....


  • Hello,

    I recently recieved a warning that I may be using TeamViewer commercially, even though I only connect to one other computer and *very rarely* to a third. Now I'm being deined access to the same computer and receiving an "Unable to Connect" message stating that "Your license limits the maximum session duration to a partner... Connection to this partner will be until  *one minute after the attempt*.

    I can share my log file to prove that I am not using TeamViewer for commercial use. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    It seems to me, @JJxVortechx that TeamViewer doesn't need to prove anything. It's up to YOU to prove that your use is private.

    Secondly and most importantly, read the sticky post on

    What it clearly says is that the forum is NOT the right place for this issue:

    Hint: Please be aware that this is NOT an issue that can be resolved in the community. Posting messages about commercial usage will not help to get the reset. For getting a reset you need to fill out the form.

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    I had the same problem with the system hanging at create pdf, discovered it was the "space" in the post code ie: "XX11 7PP" needs to be "XX117PP" - no space. It created the pdf, then you save it to your device and upload it.

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    Hi Jane - many thanks for your suggestion - will give it a try - if such works then it is a horrendous oversight by the TV programers!!!

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    Sando  of course it is up to the USER to prove non-commercial usage...
    But surely it is up to Teamviewer to provide all users with adequate and fully functional message methodology! - not a system flawed by hanging at what to all intents and purposes is the STANDARD (Post Office preferred) SPACE between the alphanumeric pairs of UK post codes. - rather poor software writing has  been incorporated.

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    Hope it helped, I've just had my TeamViewer ID reset to personal use. Hopefully you have too.

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    Cannot Download PDF on Reset Management page on Website.  Can I speak to someone who actually works in Teamviewer support?  If not I will be uninstalling this software forever.

  • Dear ladies and gentlemen.

    I have always used teamviewer access for private purposes, I do not receive money, as the computers I access are from my home and my parents' home.
    Now when I'm logged in for about 20 seconds and the connection goes down and a message appears saying that I have to subscribe.
    Why did this happen?

  • I'm getting messages that comercial use is detected when I only use for helping family members out, 3 people in total brother/sister and daughter how can I fix this.

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    Hello Panarchy,

    The below article provides information about falsely identified commercial use. In it there is a link to request a reset.

    TeamViewer user since version 6 (2010). We used other remote software programs (TVNC UVNC PCAny) for many years before.
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    I found the solution to this problem. Use another remote software like **Third Party Product**. Teamviewer doesn't want you if you don't pay, and their support is non existsant unless you pay also.

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    Using the form:

    The 'Generate PDF' button, does not generate a PDF, instead it makes an HTTP post to

    If Teamviewer are using the forced termination of accounts  due to 'suspected commercial use' to generate fake and artificial facebook likes, this is absolutly disgusting behaviour.

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    Button doesn't work at all for me - tried multiple browsers.


    I wish TV staff would consider how they'd feel if their 80 YO mother was sufferinng from anxiety and needed support, but could no longer get it , and without any warning whatsoever!

  • I am getting the same

  • The same has happened to me yesterday and today. I remote into an old phone to help me with some personal stuff and my girlfriend needed help today and I couldn't connect as it said it had detected I am using TeamViewer for commercial use.

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    Stop with this problem and switch to the free  **Third Party Product**

    Works the same.



  • I got what looks like a automatic reply saying that they can't determine if my ID was being used for commercial use or not but no offer to reset it to free just a link to buy it.

    I have Never in all the years of using Teamviewer used it for commercial use.

    My activity with it revolves around my Daughter and her Kids PC, and now and then my sister and brother require me to help them out too. It also comes in handy when im trying out other setups on my own second PC. This Commercial use pushing for sales is a joke I'll be using something else in the future if they don't sort this I certainly won't be paying for TV for the little use I do with it.

  • To help my parents once in a while, even 10 euros a month is a lot.
    For now I am using other software which seems to me a good solution. If TV freezes again, I abandon it and use this new software (I don't mention names here)
  • **Third Party Product** is better
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    I don't prefer "third party", because Teamviewer is letting me down, despite their promises.

    As mentioned: I have sent the enduser declaration three times in the past weeks (not days) and heard zero.

    Sure it's a fine service to provide a free use for non-commercial use, but don't show off if you can't or won't deliver.


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    As a former developer I can tell you that developing software is an immensely complex process with thousands of variables. In reality, thousands of errors are made. Many of them will not ever surface as the conditions that trigger the error will not occur. Or they will only occur rather infrequently. Anyway, applications need to be thoroughly tested to remove the most obvious errors. I'm sure Team Viewer is tested but I imagine support for free users who've been marked as non-private users isn't TV's top priority. I'm glad someone found out what the problem is, but if nobody files a bug report through the proper channels it will never be corrected. It's nice someone makes mention of it here, but software gets better if users notify the developers!

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    Yes that is well-known...but I think TV read these comments. What is happening is the TV SW does not correctly determine whether the usage is private or not. In fact this would be difficult to determine. But TV needs to address this problem and get it fixed (new SW or payment) since one observes an increasing lack of sympathy with TeamViewer. @TeamViewer: How much longer are you going to persue this policy?
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    Dear SandoHP,

    I am sure you are completely right. It takes a ton of work and it will cost a fortune to develop such a complicated piece of software like TV. Hat off and all respect. 

    BUT, it seems that the TV boys have set their signals for commercial (mis-)use far too sharp. In my case, I only contacted one other TV-ID number, which is my old mother (next month 94 years old). She is still ramming her keyboard like mad and occasionally runs into trouble on her -very fancy & very fast- PC. So, as her only son, I help her on her way again. Happens around 4 to 5 times a week. And if I am blocked out by TV for abuse as a commercial party, that's not just a bug, that's a skyscaper-bug. Sure it's not TV's top-issue, but after weeks and three applications I call this bad service, even if that is free. Like I said: don't show off if you can't back-up your promise.

    But I did not wait for TV and found a very good solution in a really free alternative, which is really free. No more TV for me.

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    I'm sure it's annoying if you just support a private person and that route is cut off. I have no experience wit it myself - I support about five people in my circle without problems. I agree it would be best if TV addressed this issue. It's fine if people complain about it.

    I was adressing those people in particular, who think

    1) they have certain rights with regards to the usability of TeamViewer (as non-paying customers they don't), 2) that posting a complaint about 'commercial use detected' will solve their issue (it won't - they should read the sticky post about this subject) 3) that charitable/educational/non-profit work use constitutes non-commercial use (it doesn't, at least not in the eyes of TV - personally I think they should replace the word 'commercial' with 'non-private') or 4) complain about bugs at the wrong place (they should create a separate post indicating that they want to file a bug report).

    Of course alternatives exist - I think I can safely say I've taken a look at almost every alternative under the sun -  but in my experience they are either not as secure or not as feature-rich as TeamViewer. I don't use all of its features but I think it's nice to be able to chat with users while supporting them. (Surely you could use an app on your phone for that too). There are some programs out there that are feature rich too (but much more expensive), and some that are secure (but have different requirements, for instance that both parties use Chrome). All the best, Sando

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    Hi Sando,

    My last reply on this subject: TV provides you with the right on free use. So, you can't claim this, but you should be able to depend on it. And if I ask three time over by the enduser declaration for reconnection, it's rude or at least unpolite to ignore that costomer.

    Goodwill is an extremely valuable asset for a company and a lot of companies spend much effort and a huge amount of money to maintain their goodwill and/or expand it. I consider it as bad management if my company would drain that expensive goodwill through the back door. Even with non-paying customers. Because these free hitchhikers talk about my company on social media. Recommend my company to family & friends, and to their boss if he needs such software. 

    I studied marketing ages ago, in a time that marketing just was born. One of the first lessons was on goodwill as a very precious, but also dangerous comodity if not used properly.

    Hopefully this community messages will be read occasionally by some VT manager and hopefully he/she will pick up this clue.

    Thanks for sharing your thougths , have a nice day and stay safe !


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    Hi SandoHP... It would seem I've opened a can of worms!
    I am not aware as to whether you are a TV employee or a privateer... but it's quite apparent that you are effectively "on their side"....
    I too would support TV - I have been a privatw "free" user for several years with only a few issues over the period... but here is the major hassle; -
    You quite rightly state "but if nobody files a bug report through the proper channels it will never be corrected." - but if one is UNABLE to use the "proper channels" - because of a bug in the TV website programing...
    Then how else can the free user report the fault???

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    Hi @Ady and @mr-b,

    We are sorry to hear about the issue you were experiencing.

    I just tried the step of Generate PDF and it seemed worked from our side. Could you please try again?

    If the error continues, please kindly provide the screenshot to help us to investigate further.

    Kind regards,


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    When I try to connect to teamviewer, I get a message about suspected commercial use. I only use teamviewer for personal purposes. This usually happens when I go out of town and the computer stays in my city apartment. Now when I try to connect to the computer from an Android smartphone I see a message: "Commercial use. Connection is blocked due to exceeding the time limit."

    What should I do to unblock teamviewer? I don't use it for commercial purposes.