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Can't connect to Teamviewer after a restart

Hi, I have a difficult question.
At home, I have a computer in one room and a laptop in a second room. I want to control the laptop from my computer. I have TeamViewer 15 installed correctly on both computers, with a password and I can normally connect to the laptop.
But after I restart windows on the laptop, I can't connect anymore (until I open the lid).
The laptop is connected to the AC adapter and to the Ethernet. No monitor or keyboard is connected. The lid is closed. I have explicitly forbidden automatic sleep in the power options. (Eg. do nothing if the lid is closed, don't sleep after x minutes of inactivity, screensaver is disabled). There is the latest version of Windows 10 Pro 1909 x64 and the latest TeamViewer 15 installed. I am the administrator.
When this problem occurs, I must go to the second room, open the lid, the screen lights up and suddenly the TeamViewer works again.
Just after the restart, I am not sure, if the Teamviewer service is running, if the network service is running, if the laptop is in any kind of sleep mode. But after I open the lid, everything goes back to normal.
Does anyone have any clue?