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Ctrl key stuck on macOS remote from Windows

If i ctrl click the safari icon(hold ctrl, then click the icon, then release the ctrl key) in the dock the ctrl key will stuck until i click ctrl key once to manually release the key.

Doing ctrl click on desktop or Finder icon usually not having the key stuck.

And there's a lot of instance different ctrl key combo will stuck just like this ctrl click. 

Also ctrl + arrow keys are not working resulting in super hard to change space in macOS. This key combo works locally in macOS machine.

Local machine Windows version 15.3.8497 Windows 10

Remote machine Mac version 15.3.2682 macOS Catalina

This happes for a long time and is quite annoing.

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Re: Ctrl key stuck on macOS remote from Windows

Hi @Mikeztm 

I have some questions for better understand, in order to assist you with this, please:

  • Why are you pressing the ctrl key at your Windows-PC keyboard when you want to left-click somewhere to the remote macOS computer?
  • Who is the reason to do that?

Thank you and best regards