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Port 44312 used by TeamViewer_Service process

I have an application running on port 44312. Few days ago I started having problems with it. After some research I discovered that the port that app is using is already being used by TeamViewer. So every restart I have to first shutdown teamviewer, then start my app, then start the teamviewer again so I can continue with my work uninterrupted. Where can I change teamviewer's port, so I do not have to do this? 

This problem actually is present for all my team members. We are a very small team, but it means it is not isolated to my machine only.

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Re: Port 44312 used by TeamViewer_Service process

Same Issue for me. I was able to set a port in the registry for teamviewer, but I am still seeing port 44312 being used. Need resolution for this issue as well.