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Remote resolution resets after 5 second to 1050x580

When connecting to a remote virtual client with Teamviewer following happend:

1. I start Teamviewer and connect the remote client
2. The remote Teamviewer client starts with resoultion 1050x528
3. I change the resolution eg. to 1920x1080 or any other resolution (in the top menu of the TV-client)
4. After 5 seconds the Teamviewer-resolution swiches back to the 1050x528
5. Go to step 3 ---> step 4 happend .....

I can change what i want, the new resolution will be hold for 5 seconds. After then it switches back automatically to 1050x528.

btw: the second problem i have is the TV-client needs all mouseclicks twice. Thats means normally i click once on a button to activate something. But when connecting on the remote computer every action/mouseclick has to be done twice .

Any idea whats going wrong here?

Thanks for any support and best regards,