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Sound on remote computer not working, but was a few days ago

I Cannot get any sound to come from the remote computer when connected. Both are windows 10, TV 15.7.7, I have the computer sound box checked, in options both computers are set to Default communication devices and turned up to 100%. Still zero sound coming though the connection. I have other computers to check it against and it works perfect. In my testing below PC2 is the no sound problem computer.

 PC1 -> PC 3 = Sound

PC2 -> PC1 = Sound

PC 1 -> PC2 = No sound

iPhone -> PC2 = No sound

iPhone -> PC1 or 3 = Sound

On PC2 I have tired uninstalling TV, rebooting, reinstalling, rebooting and still nothing.  I have mode no other changes in PC2.

Any thoughts?