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TeamViewer are giving many red flags since update


it seems like Symantecs anti-virus software is giving red flags all over the place since some time ago. I don't know what you changed in the code of the exe.file, but it's getting harder for the customers we're supporting to download and use the software because of a "high security risk". Please see the attached files from some of our scans our Security Department made in JoeSandbox and McAFee.

Do you know what might be causing this? Thank you.JoeSandbox TeamViewerQS__4.exe-page-006.jpgJoeSandbox TeamViewerQS__4.exe-page-007.jpgJoeSandbox TeamViewerQS__4.exe-page-008.jpgJoeSandbox TeamViewerQS__4.exe-page-009.jpgJoeSandbox TeamViewerQS__4.exe-page-010.jpgMcAFee TeamViewerQS_4.exe_summary-page-001.jpgMcAFee TeamViewerQS_4.exe_summary-page-002.jpgMcAFee TeamViewerQS_4.exe_summary-page-003.jpgMcAFee TeamViewerQS_4.exe_summary-page-004.jpgMcAFee TeamViewerQS_4.exe_summary-page-005.jpgMcAFee TeamViewerQS_4.exe_summary-page-006.jpgMcAFee TeamViewerQS_4.exe_summary-page-007.jpgMcAFee TeamViewerQS_4.exe_summary-page-086.jpgMcAFee TeamViewerQS_4.exe_summary-page-087.jpgMcAFee TeamViewerQS_4.exe_summary-page-088.jpg

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Re: TeamViewer are giving many red flags since update

Hello @carlsoderberg,

Thank you for your message and welcome in the TeamViewer Community! 🙌

We already got this kind of feedback coming from third-party antivirus solutions. This looks like a false positive.

You will find all the information about this topic here: Re: Mcafee claims hostassignment.exe is a trojan Artemis!15B30775AE5F 

I hope this could help. 🍀

If not, do not hesitate to ask your questions here. 👇



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