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commercial account converted to free

Dear team at TeamViewer,

Here is what happened:

One of my colleagues was using the free edition for personal use; say his email was a@b.com

Then, because of the lockdown, we decided to updade and I bought a commercial licence, say with email b@b.com

Because I could not connect with the remote PC that my colleague was connected, I went on my profile and I changed my email to his; so I changed my commercial account email from b@b.com to a@b.com

After that, the following rather funny thing happened:

- a@b.com is STILL a free account

- b@b.com does not exist any more!

In other words, the commercial licence... disappeared!

Will someone please be able to contact me, so that I get some help? 

With thanks,


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Re: commercial account converted to free

Hi @tsingos,

Thank you for your post and welcome to our community.

Our system shows your account (b@b.com) still exists and is associated with your license as you haven't activated the license on a@b.com successfully. Please use your original account to log in again.

Should you change your account associated with the license, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

I hope this information would be helpful.

Best regards,