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Is this Commercial Use?

Hello everyone,

Hopefully someone can clear this up for me. I'm running 4 Hyper-V Virtual Machines on my personal Windows 10 desktop and running Windows Server 2016 on them. I am learning to administrate SCCM and as such have built a small virtual lab on my personal computer. They are evaluation editions so they are only good for 180 days. However, it is a domain enviroment (as SCCM requires it) so I'm assuming that's what Teamviewer is seeing and assuming this is Commercial use. Can anyone confirm/deny this is commercial use? I have TeamViewer installed on them so that I can access them from work during lunch/breaks without having to take control of the host machine as someone else might be using it for other things.

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Re: Is this Commercial Use?

Hello @Dreigo42,

Thank you for your post.

TeamViewer is offered free of charge to everybody for personal, non-commercial use; such examples would be supporting friends and family remotely, or connecting to a personal computer at home.

Examples of commercial use would be

  • Connecting to your company PC or server from your home office
  • Assisting businesses or organizations, even on a voluntary basis
  • Other connections involving money or services provided

As your connections utilize connecting to domain servers, it would be considered Commercial Use

I would recommend reaching out to our sales team so we may discuss your use case a bit more with our licensing department! Also useful:

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Re: Is this Commercial Use?

I need to correct you. Server does not imply domain server. You can have a server that's not part of a domain. People do it all the time if it's something they have on their home network. You are blocking personal use on all servers, domain or not.