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License Blocked

I've got a free account, have everything cleared for personal use through TV. 
Today, I'm unable to log onto a machine I could log onto yesterday.
I'm being advised either my license or my partners licecne is blocked. 
I don't believe I've done anything to get my account suspended. I am unable to log a ticket to support as I keep getting directed to this page. 
Teamviewer Version: 15.1.3937

Licence: Free

Username is the same. 

Please provide an appropriate avenue for support on this issue. 

Thank you


2 Replies
2 Replies
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Re: License Blocked

Hello @erinissa,

Thank you for your message.

There is a Corporate license activated on your account.

This license has been blocked a few days ago due to a payment default.

Yesterday, the invoice has been paid, the license has, therefore,  been automatically re-activated.

Everything should work normally now. Could you please confirm?



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Re: License Blocked

I think the same thing happened to me - what do i need to do to resolve this?