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TeamViewer And TeamViewer Host For Remote Screen And Cursor Control


I currently have both my iMac and my Mom's new iMac side-by-side, and want to set them up so I will be able to remotely control her screen and cursor (and have her see what I'm doing on her end so I can offer her realtime tutorials) after I ship the iMac to her in another state; however, I am admittedly stumped as to which computer to set up as a TeamViewer computer and which one should have a TeamViewer Host setup (and then how to initiate such a screen share/control session). Apologies if this is a question already answered elsewhere, but I couldn't seem to find a step-by-step guide to set two computers up this way (if it helps, she won't ever be controlling my computer, and neither of us needs any type of 2-factor authorization/security).

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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Re: TeamViewer And TeamViewer Host For Remote Screen And Cursor Control

Hi @jazkeys ,

Thank you for posting.

According to your description, kindly try the suggested set ups below:

  1. download and install TeamViewer full version on your iMac (Local side), and download TeamViewer Host on your mum's iMac (Remote side) please
  2. set up a personal password while you are in the process of installing TeamViewer Host
  3. on the local side, create a TeamViewer account on your iMac, save the TeamViewer Host ID  and the personal password under your Computers & Contacts list

Feel free to try the steps above and contact us if further instruction is needed.

Good luck on it.

Kind Regards