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Posted by Wardair

Re: TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!

Why is this thread labelled 'solved' when so many people are clearly unable to use the free service?

Posted by Yershov

Take your heads out of the sand

I totally don't understand these 545 local sufferers.
Once upon a time, there is an absolutely legal method for solving a problem.
Moreover, it does not in any way affects the rights of the company Teamviewer and they cannot present any claims to you.
All you need to do is change the hard disk serial number (the one you see when execute dir command) and MAC address of the network card of your computer. How to do this is easily searched on the Internet. In case you find it difficult, there is even a special application that do it for you and it also easy to find.

Posted by Wardair

Re: TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!

I have no choice as I have no access to the remote PC to install alternative software.  TV are cutting me off after 30 sec!

I think any company acting the wayTV are needs calling out. They are still promoting private use is free and they need to either provide a free service or stop saying they do!

Strange how even a community manager says don't waste your time on the forum complaining about this?

Posted by Yershov

Re: TeamViewer thinks I’Stop whining, read the previous postm using the software commercially!

Stop whining, read the previous post

Posted by kw123


as of today i am being kicked out after 5 minutes, repeatable.  it assumes i should buy a commercial license.

the "about .."  states i have a free license. and i am using it only for private use. I am retired, no business

what do i need to do?








Posted by pete666

commercial use detected and form ignored


i have the dreaded commercial use detected and so i filled in the form and received an email saying couldn't work out, so still barred. so printed off another form and signed and emailed.

no response to this so still barred

i am trying to upgared the grandparents pc's to win10 and not going well so really not helpful this at all. i've never used my own account commercially.

what is going on, what am i supposed to do!



Posted by Tibo2000

falsely detected commercial use

I have the free teamviewer version that i mainly use for connecting to my pc downstairs that is connected to my 3d printer. I can then transfer files from my main pc upstairs and turn the printer on, .... I have been doing this for over 2 years and last week teamviewer started giving me notifications that it detected commercial use. I don't know how it detects this but maybe it's because of the 3Dprinting software that runs on my computer? I can now only use teamviewer for 5 mins at a time. Is there any way i can fix this?

Posted by maurice137

no answer for commercial use suspected

I'm waiting for an answer from teamviewer specialist to reset commercial use suspected for almost two months now. I filled out the form at:

I checked my spam also. I'm not using my team viewer for commercial use but I don't know how resolve this.

Why do I see 'Commercial use suspected' / 'Commercial use detected' 


Posted by JetWorm

session is canceled 59 seconds

iPhone 8

OS 12.2

When you connect from your phone to your home computer, the session is canceled 59 seconds after the connection.

Always and constantly. I'm wait more than 10 minutes and try to do something in 59 seconds.image.png


Posted by JetWorm

Re: session is canceled 59 seconds

Posted by kwilleke

Re: no answer for commercial use suspected

I use Teaviewer since .....I do`nt know. My first call was with the founder...... And now Teamviewer calls me  "commercial user" and I get all the "comfort" from an illegal user..., as an "Insider".... Thank you very, very much to the Teamviewer team !! May be a problem of succes. And / Or:large companies  - or their employees - are not interested in individual customers, because they apparently do not understand that people like us are very important for their workplace........

Posted by SALVAR


I've long enjoyed your program, manage a home computer when I'm at sea,AT WORK.POSLE UPDATES 15 UPDATE MY FREE ENTRANCE ZABLOKIROVAN.YA NOT use paid VERSIEY.KOGDA I'm at work I watch sometimes at his game that is included on the home COMPUTER.HELP PLEASE RESTORE MY FREE CONNECTIONS OR EXPLAIN WHAT MY PROBLEM IS, WHERE AND WHAT I VIOLATED.

Posted by cirasj

Non-Commercial Use Warning - Reset and then Not Reset

I do not use my TeamViewer for commercial use and filled out the declaration of private use form and my TeamViewer was reset to non-commercial use.

I just recieved an email saying that they could not confirm that I use this only for non-commercial use after I revieve my email about TeamViewer being reset and they want me to fill out another form. This would make the third time filling out the form. I did not use the program in between the emails.

How can this be corrected? I tried calling TeamView and could not talk to anyone since I was not purchasing the software.

Posted by Accused_user

Re: "Suspicion of Commercial Use" algorithm: how does it work?

A few years ago Teamviewer picked up a lot of users after **Third Party Product** decided to kick out free accounts. As Teamviewer crowed 'free forever for private use' they are now in a bind now so they have invented this nonsense to get rid of use free loaders helping out or families.

If they had a legitimate reason they would state what the trigger was, they haven't on here nor to any requests. 

Filling out and signing a form again and again is just icing for them as they get to associate actual ID  AND activity with 'real' people the moment that have an address, phone number and a signature.(remember paid accounts do that via the payment method) If they are not harvesting data from their free users (remember if it's free on the internet then YOU are the product) then they are gathering data for some 'other' entity who wants it.

1 hour a week to help my 80 year old mother deal with the interweb is ALL I ask, but that's not possible with Teamviewer.

The ONLY thing I can think of in their defence (which they could say if it was true) is that using a VPN looks suspicious to them as the true location of the user is either variable or not as stated on the form. If that's the case then I still won't use them as a VPN is a neccessary part of trying to stay safe online.

Posted by Artem00

Commercial use of the program

Hello!!! Me program limits access on reason commercial work, I used program only in personal purposes, udolenno grandmother computer helped explore) Have themselves on another computer wife helped with computer and I have just 3-4 my devices. What to do, whom to write) thank you all in Advance)))

Posted by SongJB

Commercial use Please release it.

Commercial use. Please release it.
I am extremely personal.
It has been good so far.
Please allow free use.

Posted by Ebirajab

Re: Commercial use Please release it.

Same here , i ve got a block saying im ueing it for commercial business !! Its totaly personal use guys

Posted by 3ICE

The "commercial-use-suspected" form is broken, so please accept this feedback/email/thread instead (I tried every way...

Edit: I figured it out. The phrase *** caused it to fail. Removing it allowed me to submit the rest of my appeal:

Hi, (I tried everything to contact you, to no avail)

The page at ***/en/support/commercial-use-suspected/ is broken. Trying to submit it shows nothing but "Error". (Zero details given as to what is wrong, why the error occurred.)

So I am copy/pasting my entire, filled in form, and sending it to support. Here goes:

Usage explanation


It has been over a year since my "commercial usage detected" ban. At the time I contested the decision but got nowhere with it, never having received any response besides canned text and even that only after 2 weeks of waiting. So I gave up. But still kept TeamViewer installed on my machines. The strict limit of 1 session per day and 5 minutes until auto-disconnect have made it really difficult to continue using your product, but I persevered. My ONLY use case this past year has been to remote into my laptop from the bathroom, while I poop so that I could continue to play Hearthstone via TeamViewer. That's it.

COMMERCIAL USE DETECTED disconnect in 5 minutes. Gg no re: I'm at home, trying to remote into my laptop from the bathroom to play Hearthstone, but okay, sure, commercial use... I lost that game obviously. After the 5 minutes were up, and connection was dropped, recovery failed. "Connections to this partner will be blocked until 00:00. Nice."

Even before my ban, I only helped friends and family. Not commercial usage. I never accepted money in exchange for my services, not even from my least favorite neighbors. What they did pay was in chocolate. Obviously I do not sell software or collaborate with any colleagues. I never have. My only crime; Accepting some chocolate. But my sweet tooth is hardly a threat to your tech support empire.

I did not circumvent the restriction by making separate accounts or changing my hardware ID either. I sat in "commercial usage detected" jail like a good / law abiding / upstanding citizen. I sent in my appeal and waited. A year has passed and I haven't heard from you. I feel it is justly time I petition the big boss once again. Whatever crime I may or may not have committed in the past is well and truly punished. Thoroughly as well. I did my time, now set me free from this nightmare of a restriction.

I'd really like to be unbanned. Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to hearing from you. In closing, here is a feedback-ignored complaint email I sent that was also 100% ignored by your support team last year:

---------- Forwarded message ---------
Date: Mon, Nov 5, 2018 at 3:14 PM
Subject: Re: [#46]: TeamViewer-Feedback_13.2.26

Hello Ms. Support Engineer,

Thank you for your assistance. I think? Or whatever... What is this canned text!? I'm a free user, yeah, but I can still provide feedback, no? I mean the [please send us any and all feedback] link is still there in the app's about page, for all to see. So why did you even put it there if you don't actually want our feedback? This is not a support request, this is feedback. Different channels entirely... (Hopefully!)

Tell me, why did you wait almost two weeks to send me an automated reply? It's 100% identical to the last one you sent too. Down to the signature pattern. Neither of us gain anything from it.

Are you that snowed under!? I reply to my email within minutes! (Took me 15 more min to notice this one, because I was outside in the garden, fixing my bike.)It costs me only 30 minutes to type this length of human-written, non-canned-text. An actual, real email...Your "reply" took 12 whole days... And all you did was spam-fire some canned text at my general direction.Well, you missed! Hire more staff. Don't lie to users about wanting our feedback if all you do is ignore it.

Plus, you didn't even quote my original email. How am I supposed to know what kind of feedback I sent originally? I completely forgot about it since then. It was weeks ago! And to boot; I sent it from within the old TeamViewer app on Windows Phone 10. By typing in a text box and filling in the template it provided.Not some email program that keeps archives of all sent and received email. I need you to quote the original email below your "reply". If canned text can even be called that.I don't even know if I wrote a one-liner or a whole essay. It wouldn't be worth fighting for a one-liner. (I faintly recall complaining about a leftover teamviewer service still running in the background even when I'm not using the app. Maybe that was all? I don't know... So in the future; assume this option is checked: I want to receive a quotation by Email. Always checked...)

I send feedback almost every day, to various tech companies.
Some read it, thank me, and implement a fix for whatever it was that I reported as being broken, in the next patch.
Others reward me with free membership, gift cards, a place in the credits, etc.
And you reward me with nothing but canned spam. And it's way past the expiry date.

Microsoft especially rewarded me after my 1000th feedback post with a free phone (700€ value — a Lumia 950 XL pre-release test device) I still use it today. I was selected randomly but we all know they like to pick top contributors.
Pastebin gave me a total of 12 months of premium membership for all the security vulnerabilities I found. (And even some typos, lol.)
Zynga, R2, Gameloft, Nordcurrent, GGG, Webonic, Blizzard, all gave in-game currency.
Even Facebook, they said thank you in a pdf scan of a proper typed and printed letter, signed by multiple people who fixed the security bug. (Sadly no bug bounty was awarded.)
ASUS, Dell offered MVP status, and with Google I was Top Contributor for a long time as reward for my feedback (automated system but still nice).
Teamviewer gives only a "please don't contact us again" email. Reading between the lines I see the following dismissive message: "You are nothing to us, free user. Go away."

Thanks anyway, for the link to ***/en/support/
And obviously I Googled whatever error message I got, and found an even better link than what you provided: ***/t5/Knowledge-Base/Why-do-I-see-Commercial-use-suspected-Commercial-...
Better, longer F.A.Q.

Thanks for the form though. I'm unfortunately not ready to fill it in just yet... As I did receive chocolate bars for my assistance from several family members, on multiple occasions. That counts as payment I feel.

Daniel "3ICE" Berezvai

On Mon, Nov 5, 2018 at 2:31 PM TeamViewer Team wrote:
Dear User,

Thank you for using the free version of TeamViewer and contacting us.

As TeamViewer is used worldwide, we try to assist all our customers as fast and as efficiently as possible. At the moment, support for the free version of TeamViewer is offered via our community: ***/
Help is provided in English.

In case you are getting the commercial use suspect message please be aware that from now on all the commercial use suspect cases will be managed by a standard form and not via tickets, please fill out this form in this link: ***/en/support/commercial-use-suspected/ and you request will be handle as soon as possible.

If you are a TeamViewer customer and you want to receive support, please submit a ticket here: ***/en/support/

We hope your experience with TeamViewer only improves with time as we appreciate you choosing TeamViewer as your Remote Control software provider.

We thank you for your understanding

Best regards,

[name removed by moderator]
Support Engineer

TeamViewer GmbH * Jahnstr. 30 * Göppingen * Deutschland
Handelsregister: Ulm HRB
Geschäftsführer: Oliver Steil, Stefan Gaiser

Ticket ID: 46

PS: TeamViewer 14 – Preview is here! Discover what’s new!

If you receive the message "commercial use suspected" or “commercial use detected”, and you believe the way you use TeamViewer does not match the definition of commercial usage, we would like to assist you in resolving the issue.

Using TeamViewer to help family and friends without receiving any financial compensation is considered personal use. However, using TeamViewer for the exercise of your business or profession, or for any purposes for which you directly or indirectly receive compensation – for example, team work with colleagues, or providing free support to third parties which have bought software from you – does not qualify as personal use.

Please fill out the form below so we can confirm that you only wish to use TeamViewer for personal / non-commercial purposes. The information provided by you (Name, Address, E-Mail address) is required to review your usage and determine whether you are using TeamViewer commercially and to reach out to you after your request has been processed.

After placing your request, there are three possible outcomes:

We will reset your ID if private usage is confirmed
We won’t reset your ID if commercial usage is still suspected. In this case, we will give you the opportunity to fill out a declaration of private use.
If you provided us with an invalid device ID, we will inform you that your request could not be processed. You will have to fill out the form again but with your correct ID
We are aiming to solve all requests within seven days. Please note that we will attend to every request. Sending multiple requests will prolong the process.

Posted by peert

Re: TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!

So, after getting alerted on "commercial use suspected" I sendt an email explaining my private use of Team Viewer (to support my 87 year old mother that lives 1100 km away). When that got rejected, I submitted the requested form where I sign the agreement to not use the software commerically. 

I submitted the form on October 14, just over 2 months ago. I have sent two reminders requesting an update of the status but had no response.

The web page states that "Due to the large number of requests we receive, answering the requests can take some time, although we are now aiming to solve all requests within seven business days." It has now gone just over 60 days since I submitted the form. 

My questions are:

  1. when should I expect to get a response to my submitted form? Clearly, seven business days is not the answer.
  2. how do I get in touch with someone who can verify that my form was received?
Posted by Federico1

Personal use form accepted but now again says not personal

I have been using teamviewer to do my school work remotely. I used it so much that it was detected as not personal use so I submitted the form that you facilitate for both user's ID and it was acepted a couple of days ago. So I used it once and everything was fine but now again it started saying  commercial use detected, so I am not sure if I should submit the form again or if there may be a problem with the software.

Posted by CRL111

Re: TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially!

I have a large number of friends and family that I help from time to time but not often.  Just got blocked so started researching.  The Team Viewer knowledge base states that if you resubmit your request to unblock that the clock starts over and earlier requests are ignored.  here's the link to that page....

I don't know how they are determining the potential commercial use.  If they were more specific, people could alter their behavior and patterns to avoid these false detections.

Good luck.  [Removed per Community Guidelines]

Posted by jcmontaner

free version got flagged for commercial use

I went to remote into a computer at home from my office and it kicked me after about 2 minutes and flagged me as commercial use. any idea why this would happen?

Posted by JudMcCranie

Free user - now it incorrectly thinks that I'm commercial

I use TeamViewer from time to time for personal use at home.  Now I got a message "action required: TV is being used commercially by you or your connection partner.  Your session will terminate within minutes. ,,, The free version of TV is for private use only."

These are all my personal computers, at home.  My main one is downstairs and I use TV to control the ones upstairs.

I connected to one of the computers several minutes ago, and got the message. The only thing I changed is that I increased the memory in the remote computer.

What will fix this, so that it knows that I am a home/personal/private user?

Posted by JudMcCranie

Re: Free user - now it incorrectly thinks that I'm commercial

I found the form to request a reset of the account, so I've done that.

Posted by praxidice

Re: Free user - now it incorrectly thinks that I'm commercial

I believe TeamViewer is intent on dropping the free version. There have been a number of complaints about improper flagging of commercial use and no indication that anyone acknowledges the form.  Has anyone attempted to phone the company  ? That will be my next move and it I can't get any sense out of anyone, I'll move to an alternative which doesn't play stupid games. Quite obviously the subscription model is completely unviable for any but multinational corporations.

Posted by praxidice

Re: no answer for commercial use suspected

I believe the comment 'the company doesn't care about private users' is right on the mark. Notice the apparently universal problem of no response to complaints.  In my opinion, all evidence points to the company intending to frustrate and harrass free users to the point where they pay the subscription charges that may be viable for multinationals, but are nothing less than extortionate for retirees.  If the statement regarding all concerns being addressed within seven days was actually true, I'd have some confidence in the company's bona fides, although that is evidently too much to hope for.

Posted by peert

Re: Free user - now it incorrectly thinks that I'm commercial

It would be interesting to hear if you get any response. I submitted my form 2 months ago and have still not heard anything at all.

Posted by onewolf

Re: Free user - now it incorrectly thinks that I'm commercial

In the same boat, I submitted a ticket more than two months ago with no response. I pointed out that I've only been using the same three devices for years, and offered to include photos of my driver's license and photos of my student IDs. No reply.

Posted by xtreme1

Received validation of personal use but...

I submitted an appeal for the suspected commercial use. 5 days ago I received a validation email that said I was confirmed to be using TeamViewer for personal use but it's still showing the banner popup that says I am using I'm using it for commercial purposes (which I'm not), and limiting my session to 5 mins.
Does it take longer than 5 days to reset the accoung?
Is my account really reset?
How can I continue to use this fantastic product as a free customer?
Please advise.

Posted by rubixcube6

Used teamviewer on schools free wifi for homework and got tagged with commercial use

I'm a student living on campus and I use my laptop on my school's free wifi for homework. When I'm away for the weekend sometimes I will remotely connect to retrieve a file or finish homework I started earlier in the week. The other day I was using the iPhone app and got the dreaded commercial use message.

Now every time I use my iPhone app to connect to my home computer, my school laptop, or even my grandparent's computer I am limited to 5 minutes.

Teamviewer, can you please remove this restriction from my account? It is only a personal use account. I love this service and would hate to leave, but it has just become completely useless with the restriction.

Posted by onewolf

Re: Free user - now it incorrectly thinks that I'm commercial

Just an update: it's been just over two months since I posted here/submitted a ticket, and I haven't received a response, and my account is registered as "commercial."

Is there something I'm doing wrong?




Posted by onewolf

Two months after submitting a support ticket, still marked as a "commercial user"


On October 23rd I submitted a support ticket due to my account having been marked as commercial. Due to policy changes on this site free users can no longer submit tickets, so I'm posting here instead.

I have never used TeamViewer commercially, ever. The only devices active in the last several years have been mine. Assuming I'm recalling correctly, it was two phones (one broke, and I replaced it), two tablets (one broke and I replaced it), my laptop, and my desktop.

I would love to support TeamViewer with a subscription, but it's not financially possible at the moment. I'm attending two different schools, one for a Bach. of Science degree and the other for Emergency Medicine. I would be more than happy to provide photos of both of my student IDs as well as a photo of my New York State driver's license to verify if it would help.

I'm not sure what else I can do, does any have any suggestions to help me?

Thanks for your time,



EDIT: Something I forgot to mention: I use a VPN on my laptop/computer, could that have caused the issue? Thanks.

Posted by Wardair

Re: Two months after submitting a support ticket, still marked as a "commercial user"


I am afraid there is little you can do. TeamViewer appear to be purging the private user accounts using the 'commercial use' as an excuse. I have submitted signed forms to TV support but get no response.I did get some response on Twitter but even though I gave all my account details and received a response with an apology, I still cannot connect to my remote PC for more than 1 minute.

TeamViewer clearly have no one looking at the community blogs or really dont care so posting here is unfortunately a waste of time.

Anyone reading this with a Twitter account post your experiences to @TeamViewer_help and see if you get a response.

I have given up, but I expect that is what they wanted!

Good luck to you all!

Posted by JudMcCranie

Re: Free user - now it incorrectly thinks that I'm commercial

A week later I got the reply below.  I've uninstalled TeamViewer.

Thank you for your request regarding being unblocked from using the free version of TeamViewer. After reviewing the information provided to us, we were unable to confirm that the submitted ID is being used privately.

Requiring commercial users to purchase a license is also part of our effort to maintain the free version, and to therefore make help accessible to everyone. The free version is for people who are using it to help family and friends.

To continue using TeamViewer, there are two options for you to consider:

1) We encourage you to purchase a license that fits your needs:

If you need help finding the perfect license, our sales team will be happy to assist you personally.

2) THIS FORM is a declaration of private use that needs to be printed, signed personally and sent back to us to the email address.

Posted by kenace45

Re: Received validation of personal use but...

They finally unlocked my account after three weeks of waiting. Was using another app until they fixed it. 

@xtreme1 wrote:

I submitted an appeal for the suspected commercial use. 5 days ago I received a validation email that said I was confirmed to be using TeamViewer for personal use but it's still showing the banner popup that says I am using I'm using it for commercial purposes (which I'm not), and limiting my session to 5 mins.
Does it take longer than 5 days to reset the accoung?
Is my account really reset?
How can I continue to use this fantastic product as a free customer?
Please advise.


Posted by mughals

Business use in android

Hi. Detected business use in android app when i connect to my home pc. 

Posted by praxidice

Re: Received validation of personal use but...

When mine was unblocked, the popup disappeared immediately without me needing to adjust ANYTHING.

I won't rely completely on TeamViewer however as the same could well happen again

The problem will be in the algrrithm used to 'detect' commercial use is obviously set to harrass and annoy legitimate free users in the hope they can be coerced into paying a subscription. The cost is aimed at multinationals / governments with more money than sense. Nobody bothered to think that the subscriptions are ridiculously expensive for reirees.

.TeamViewer is a reasonable piece of softwar, but it is HORRIBLY expensive for the subscription. Furthermore there are genuinely free alternatives which work just as well. One issue that has always annoyed me intensely with Teamviewer is that bloody stupid blob stuck in the lower right corner, just where one needs to access the scroll button, time, and other important functions. Maybe it is only in free versions as I can't imagine those who pay subscriptions wearing that nonsense.

Posted by praxidice

Re: Received validation of personal use but...

The notice I received to the effect that I wasn't using the software commercially claimed the delay in responding was due to a backlog of complaints.

It isn't surprising that there is a backlog ... maybe a better solution would be to fix the clearly broken algorithm that incorrectly flags legitimate private use as commercial.

@kenace45 wrote:

They finally unlocked my account after three weeks of waiting. Was using another app until they fixed it. 

@xtreme1 wrote:

I submitted an appeal for the suspected commercial use. 5 days ago I received a validation email that said I was confirmed to be using TeamViewer for personal use but it's still showing the banner popup that says I am using I'm using it for commercial purposes (which I'm not), and limiting my session to 5 mins.
Does it take longer than 5 days to reset the accoung?
Is my account really reset?
How can I continue to use this fantastic product as a free customer?
Please advise.



Posted by Chris78

Sad sad sad

Why are there people still thinking this is a "bug" or an "error" in their algorithm?  It's pretty obvious that was done on purpose.  People must start to think by themselves.

Posted by phattrance1

Why does Teamviewer say that im using this iOS app in commercial purpose when connecting to my home computer?

As the title says, why does Teamviewer say that im using the iOS app in commercial purpose when connecting to my home computer, and then only allows me to use it for 5 min? Ive been using Teamviewer for over 5 years now and just recently i started to get this limitation, even tho im only using it to connect to my home desktop computer via my phone. 

Posted by brunoais

Is commercial use account based or ID based, then?

If I have commercial use suspected why it also doesn't work with a different ID?

I've been using TeamViewer to connect to my PC at home from my office PC. It had always been the same IDs.

Later on I changed PC (new id). Without much surprise, the ID got flagged for commertial use.

Then, something very weird happened! My phone got flagged for commertial use O_O!!! I use the same account there.

Then, early now, when I tried to connect to my neighbour friend, my home PC got flagged O_O?!?!?!?!

What's wrong?!?!?! What did I do wrong in my home PC?!?! I can't use TeamViewer now to help others! What's wrong?!?! Isn't the flagging by ID? This didn't happen before...

Extra notes: I already filled the form back in late October for the first and second IDs and just filled the form for the third id. Still waiting for an answer.
I'm not asking for a speed up on the matter, I just want to understand what I did wrong....

Posted by MoveOvr11

Temviewer thinks Im using a Commercial version even though I submitted the Personal Use Form

I am using Teamviewer 15 and it keeps senses that I am using the Commercial version even after I submitted the personal use form to Teamviewer.  Please help - it keeps shutting down in under 5 minutes.  I am supporting my family only.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You

Posted by Stephen23492

Re: Temviewer thinks Im using a Commercial version even though I submitted the Personal Use Form

I am getting this more and more. 

TV approach looks like its changing. 

I can recommend Google Chrome Remote Desktop as an alternative. Great for helping family and friends. 

Sure, it doesnt do "unattended", but to help people out its pretty handy.


Posted by milbourne

Re: Free license

Hi. I have been granted a free user licence for non-commercial use now on my own PC, since you changed your pricing model.

However, the machine I connect to is a PC in Wesleys Chapel in London, where I maintain a database of their burials, and need to make sure the machine is running for visitors each day. To do that, I connect for a few seconds each night.

This is absolutely non-commercial use, because they are a registered Charity, and no money is involved in any way.

I have tried several times to explain this to your organisation, but the PC at the Chapel has still not been granted a free licence and so Teamviewer keeps locking me out.

Please can you help me to resolve this.

Kind regards


Posted by was1

Free for personal use is a SCAM

Free for personal use is a SCAM.  I contact only ONE computer, my father's, who is 90 years old and 700 miles distant.  I was hoping to use TeamViewer to assist him, but it's impossible.  The software keeps telling me it "thinks" I'm using it commercially.  I opened a ticket, and filled out and signed their form 3 times, and keep getting the same runarround.

If I have to PAY somoeone for this kind of thing, I will BUT IT WON'T BE TEAMVIEWER.  They don't deserve my $$.

"free for personal use" is a scam - all they want is for you to pay them because you get tired of **bleep** about with **bleep** at "customer 'care'"

Take your software and **bleep** it.

Posted by Saljurdi

Teamgiewer detected commercial use

My teamviewer automatically detected it as commercial use when I connected to it from my phone to control my own home pc to connect ahead of time to be able to get into a game server how do I fix this issue


Posted by gabet

It happened yet again... lol

Well, they finally did it. After having to unlock my account multiple times from the "using it commercially" error message, I'm swapping my own usage and that of all of my clients. **Third Party Product** is the new goto. I'm entirely disgusted with this company. As someone who has generated an insane amount of revenue for this company, I'm officially pulling the plug. In the age where you can get amazing customer service, being treated like a criminal just doesn't fly. On the bright side, I guess thanks for getting me a bunch of support contracts to swap my clients away from this software. I used to love it but the company behind it has really just driven it to the ground over the last decade.

Posted by Yann00000

Re: "Suspicion of Commercial Use" algorithm: how does it work?

Same problem here ..... I read they are in financial trouble and trying to get money from everywhere .... that's probably the reason :-

Posted by User333717

Re: Looks like Teamviewer no longer cares!

Few mentions before my message

@Technut  - You are spot on friend.

@Johnhoward28 - Ok Boomer... how about you pay for everyone then... Maybe some people don't have the apparent capital you do. SMH.. I will no calm down, I did follow the rules and now I'm getting (insert explanative) for it! I was a personal user and I didn’t have problems for years, however, TV decided to go to war with their user base and look at what’s happening now. There are almost 100 pages of people who need help. Legit people who can't use TV because TV started a war. I didn't start this TV did! If it weren’t for the free user's TV wouldn’t be the "aMaZIng prIVaTE cOmPAnY" offering so-called "pRofeSsiONAl SeRVIces". Maybe it’s just common courtesy where I live, but professional doesn’t mean you get to just stomp well-meaning people into the ground for no reason. I like many other people here have done nothing wrong, so don’t go there with me.

Anyway... have to figure out how to say the rest of this in a way that TV (Turkey Vulture) doesn't remove the rest of this message.

If you like me want to fix this issue. Then dump TV and do a Google search for open source alternatives to teamviewer.

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Re: Looks like Teamviewer no longer cares!

I've been a 'free' personal user for years -- transferring files between desk computers and laptop.  Offered to pay a 'reasonable fee to continue as 'personal user.   TV never replied to my offer.  Guess it's pay an exorbinant amount to transfer to the 'corporate' user catagory or find an alternative means of transferring files.  I'll go the second route -- back to flash drives or  One-Drive.