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Since a few weeks I have issues connecting to my remote users and get this error message: 

No connection to partner, Partner did not connect to router, Error Code WaitForConnectFailed.

These remote users are sales persons with a Microsoft Surface GO LTE tablet. The 4G connections works, I see the devices online (Is a HOST installation). But since a few weeks not able to connect to them. 

I tried following solutions without results:

- Connecting them first to our VPN

- Restarting teamviewer or tablet


Only when a device is connected internally in our network (WiFi) I can connect to them with Teamviewer.

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Re: WaitforConnectFailed

Hello @MExT_Support

Thank you for your message.

Maybe the provider of their 4G network is blocking the TeamViewer connections.

Maybe this article will help you out: TalkTalk Imposes Extensive Traffic Filter in the UK

I hope this could help. If not, do not hesitate to ask your questions here.



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