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unable to connect

I have just upgraded my laptop to teamviewer13, and thought it would be really great to create my own quick support module - which was easy.

Except when I run it I can cannot connect to it, the session code is in a different format to that I have seen previously - it is prefixed s and then a series of 2 numbers, 3 numbers and 3 numbers (e.g. s11-111-111).

When I try to connect it gives me the message: Unable to connect. A connection could ne be established.Partner could not be contacted at the given network address.


Please advise me how to resolve.

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Re: unable to connect

Hi @Imagingtech

It sounds like your QuickSupport module is showing a session code.

The session code will be shown in the QuickSupport module when the setting Automatically add users to a group in your Contacts list stays enabled during the setup of the module in the Management Console.

As soon as you untick the box, the QuickSupport will show the TeamViewer ID and password again. 

Service case.png 

I recommend using the session code to use all the benefits in your company like

  • the notification for a new service case, 
  • automatically add users to a group in your Contacts list
  • allow users to enter a description,
  • allow user to initialize chat
  • show customer satisfaction form after session
  • automatically create SOS Button

Please have a look at this Knowledge Base article as well to learn more about the service cases, notifications or the SOS button.

All the best, Esther

Community Manager

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