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Issues connecting to Quick Support - Linux to Android

I have tried today to connect from Linux Mint 19.3 to Huawei EMUI

Using TeamViewer for Linux 15.4.4445 was trying to connect to QuickSupport 15.4.61 QS, the host was connected and prompted for approval of connection and when confirmed the viewer would disconnect. On another attempt viewer has stated that another session is already opened, and refuse connection.

I was however able to connect from 15.4.60 CL (Huawei EMUI 9.1.0) existing on the same network as linux device, host responded without any issues and connection was fine.

Is there any know issue with Linux TeamViewer and connections to Android QS?

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Re: Issues connecting to Quick Support - Linux to Android

Hi dzidek23,

I have the same issue establishing a connection between TeamViewer running on LinuxMint 18.3 and a MEDION® LIFETAB® P9702 @ Android 6 using QuickSupport.

Using any host running the latest version of TeamViewer on a Windows platform there is no trouble setting up the QuickSupport session to the tablet.

It would be very kind of the TeamViewer team to solve this issue..